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Life preservers for your BOB/BOV or whatever...

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  • Life preservers for your BOB/BOV or whatever...

    back in 2003 I decided to head down to a little town on the Outer Banks of NC called Rodanthe (yeah where Richard Gere made that movie at :rolleyes:). Rodanthe is a small town roughly in between Nags Head and Buxton (Cape Hatteras).

    We had found a nice cottage that was reasonably priced and was in a pretty quiet location :)

    There was a storm brewing off of the mid Atlantic coast called Hurricane Isabelle and it was heading our way :(

    I had plenty of extra gear in the truck/BOV, like fuel food and water. I was concerned about the prospects of getting slammed by this storm before we left the foothills of NC, even though I planned to get out of Isabelle's path way before things got dicey. So before I left I had life jackets for the wifey and I as well as one for my little one that would keep their head up. I also decided to bring some good climbing rope and a few carabiners in case we found ourselves in harms way.

    We never had a chance to use that gear as we bugged out before the mandantory evacuation of Hatteras Island and got home before they began enforcing it thank goodness!!!

    So you may not have water near your home, but chances are that you have to pass over a ditch, creek or river that can flood easily given the right circumstances.

    Do you have a way to 'self rescue' or even attempt the rescue of a loved one, during a flood situation??? Granted swift water rescue is a highly demanding skill, but with the right gear (life jackets/presevers/rope/etc.) you may be the only hope someone has.

    You should avoid swift moving water or violent storms that can cause flooding when at all possible, but you should have some basic gear for you and yours if escape is not an option.

    Just another thing to consider if you plan on surviving in water world:eek:


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    I have 3 kayaks and all the gear for them put away. Im on the coast now, but will be relocateing to the mountains in the near future. They are coming with me. With the 2012 scare and planet shift belief, who knows. If it happens, West Texas could be water front!
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      Not something I'd thought about. And I'm on an island. :o

      We do have our boat in our backyard right now for the winter, and it's got PFDs and flotation cushions and all.

      Guess I have to hope that we'll flood in the winter when it's here; it's usually docked a few miles away during warm weather. But I do have rope.
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