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Growing Pains.....

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  • Growing Pains.....

    Well...Big D saw fit to trust me with the GPC forum, and I hope to continue to earn his trust, and all of yours' as well.:cool:

    Just remember the rules, and forgive me when I gotta be a pain in your a**.....just doing my job.;)

    I'll probably start with merging a few of the threads that are older,or have similar subjects, just to do a little housekeeping and get it less chaotic.

    If you see a thread already started that has the same subject matter you're interested in...consider posting in an existing thread, rather than "rubber stamping" topics. But hey, it's a free country (for now)...if you think you have a new spin and gotta get it out, put it out.

    Thanks for your time and...
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