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What do you keep on your beside table @ night???

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    First is my 5 1/2 year old Lab. While Labs are not known for aggressiveness, and he's no exception, he does not like things that go bump in the night and will alert to any strange noise. Can't beat a dogs ears.
    Of course on the nightstand is P226 9MM. Wife has has a 229 .40 cal on her side. Also keep a D cell Mag light with in reach and a back up in the top drawer along with a couple light sticks and an extra mag for the Sig.
    Lights are a big thing for me so I have a bunch scattered around that plug into wall sockets to stay charged.
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      Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
      Holy sh*t......And all I got is a book, an alarm clock, and a 9mm......
      +1!!! I have a Judge instead of a 9mm though.
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        My trusty 12ga pump! Currently I mix it up between my 45 acp pistol and then a 380 acp pistol.


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          one 9mm each side of bed mossy 500 surefire bible clock sweet tea remote
          the pack that plays together stays together


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            .45, Lamp, a few good books, Bible, fan, flashlight, 6" lock blade, Moss500 on the side, and the alarm clock. Wish I could do without that last one.:)

            The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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              .45, maglite and a Bible. Do I really, really need anything else?


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                I keep my Kimber Custom CDP II Full Size in a holster that attaches to the bed. It is always at Condition One and ready to go. This one is equipped with tritium sights and a laser / flashlight combo. In the walk in closet we keep a gun safe with two shotguns, an AR-30 in 300 Win Mag and an AR-15 Carbine with Spikes 37MM launcher. We keep a couple smoke and cs 37mm loads handy.

                I have spent years automating our house and property. All of the electrical systems, lights, plugs, doors, windows, gates, cameras and even the irrigation are wired into the home automation system. It is using Insteon for the most part, but I still have some legacy X-10 and a couple custom items. The cool thing about this is the ability to program macros and execute them from several remote controls or any light switch in the house.

                Example. Someone drives up the driveway and hits the pressure plate. That kicks off a macro that tells all cameras with a view of the gate to move to that waypoint and record. It also turns on several sets of exterior flood lights and there are several interior lights that flash on/off to tell us we have a visitor.

                I keep a remote control on my nightstand with a few macros on it. One is to turn on every light on the property, in the house, outbuildings, etc... It even kicks on the irrigation system. This is the panic button. Never used it and doubt I ever will. Another macro does the complete opposite. It turns off every light on the property. I also have macros to turn on or off just the exterior or interior lights.

                Just for shits and giggles, I have been testing out a custom build, using the developer tools they offer. I don't have it working 100% perfect yet, but when it does work, it is very cool. I have several dozen surpluss parachute flares, all perfectly legal. I have been testing a macro that with a push of the remote, can launch the flares. Once that is working, it could just as easily be setup to trigger by motion detection in a camera and only launch certain flares, based on what camera detected the motion and where.

                It is all very cool stuff and not to expensive. Google Insteon to see all the cool things they offer. For cameras, I use mostly wireless panasonic ip cameras and a few wired units as well.

                I want to get some NV Googles for the nightstand as well. But I am waiting for better prices on Gen 3. I have NV in the bunker and on a few rifles, but not in the house propper.