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Silver and Gold???

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  • Silver and Gold???

    Just checking to see if anyone feels that silver and Gold might be a good thing to have in a meltdown situation.

    I know a lot of people that say, "When there is little food, and people are
    starving, nobody is going to give up their food for gold (or silver)"

    I can certainly understand that mindset, but there is an interim period of fianacial crisis that Precious metals may hold their value while fiat currencies are inflating.

    Preps as far as, food, clothing, alternative heat and cooking, BOB's BOV's,
    hunting fishing, tools, non-hybrid seeds etc. should come first but
    monetary diversification might be wise.

    I've always liked coins so putting away some Morgan dollars comes natural to me, Gold is pricey, I know, but I'm sure some people could afford it.

    What do you guys think?

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    I bought a small amount 20 years ago, just enough to buy gasoline or bribe someone. Gold is way too high right now due to speculators, I would opt for silver dollars.
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      i'm still of the opinion that if I can't eat it, I'm not going to bother with it.
      Money is VERY tight right now for me, I'm putting it all into gear/equipment/food. Stuff that I can immediately utilize, and that i know what to do with. I really wouldn't have a clue where to go to trade my gold, will the neighborhood grocer accept it in exchange for a couple of cans of food? and would it be fairly exchanged? Not in a SHTF situation.
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        It is a double edged sword, you do not want it generaly known that you have it. Silver and Gold's only real value is that it is highly mobile, inflation proof and liquid.
        The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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          Gold is very concentrated wealth, IOW with a small amount of it you can buy alot... OR... if you need to buy a SMALL amount you will overpay :(

          However envision this, TSHTF, you are at a barter market and want to buy a few chickens. Do you really want to hand the guy an ounce of gold, or a couple of Morgans???

          So IMHO silver is the better options, unless you are buying countries or something :rolleyes: It doesn't hurt to have both, but it easier to make change for silver than gold unless you are buying something EXPENSIVE!!!

          I think Brosia nailed it! You can't eat it, so get all your other preps in order before you invest in precious metals! If you can do both, then do it...

          Also remember this, you can barter some of your supplies you have excess of, for stuff you need *IF* you have the right stuff!!! No money required :eek:


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            Yeah, that's kinda what I thought, preps first then add some precious metals if the budget allows.

            I might add a little more silver if it stays low, I can always pass it on
            to my Grandaughters, if I never need it.
            It will teach them to appreciate "real money" not some funny money
            pieces of paper that we have nowadays that is backed by a non-governmental agency, The Federal Reserve.



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              I think I have 20 or so ounces, and many the same amount of 1/2 ounces. Not sure why. Can't eat it, not really good for much. I guess in a pinch I could melt it down and make slugs out of it. But it's shiney, and easy to carry, and may be worth something to someone who has something I need.


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                The slugs would be great if you run into a wolfman,...or a stubborn tax collector. lol
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                  Originally posted by beebopcop View Post
                  The slugs would be great if you run into a wolfman,...or a stubborn tax collector. lol

                  Actually, if Silver and Gold weren't so expensive, they would make an excellent projectile. Heavy, maleable, same properties as lead.


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                    Seems like I read somewhere that .22lr ammo will likely be a better barter item than gold or silver. The logic being that most folks will have some kind of .22lr weapon, which would make the ammo popular, and it could be easily bartered from single rounds to bricks or more.
                    I like to think that this would be true, but I may be trying to justify my thirst for collecting reliable, cheap, affordable, .22lr weapons and ammo. Nothing satisfies my firearms facination better than a good shoot'n .22lr....and I don't find myself counting dollar signs even after an entire day of shooting.



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                      The usefullness as a medium of exchange in a full SHTF scenario
                      remains in question; however, Gold and Silver are up 3 and 5% respectively
                      since I started this post.

                      Apparently some people are buying them as a possible hedge against future inflation.

                      So, barter item? Maybe. Wealth preservation during an inflationary cycle?...
                      seems likely (right now anyway).



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                        silver and gold will always be worth somthing to sombody!!
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                          probably not me

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                            I agree...If you're looking for a barter item, I think .22 rounds and s12g shotgun shells would be a better choice. People will most likely be hunting small game with their .22s, or they will want to bone up their stock for defense, and 12g shells are valuable for the same reasons. Plus, they're both light and cheap enough to pack extra for the purpose of bartering.

                            End can use ammo, or you could trade or silver is really only good for trading.
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                              Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post

                              End can use ammo, or you could trade or silver is really only good for trading.
                              Well you can make colloidal silver,
                              with some water and a battery, may be a useful thing in the future in a post
                              pharmacy world.

                              Note: gold now up 5% and silver 10% since my first post on this thread.