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What did you do TODAY to prepare?

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  • CountryGuy,

    The 1,750 is every 2 or so weeks. I started about 300 tomatoes this year. 200 peppers, maybe 100 eggplant (probably 80?). Probably close to 1,000 herbs. When they have germinated and a couple inches tall, I kick them out of my house. This week I may start the cukes and melons for the greenhouses. Most of the rest of the A-Z garden veggies are direct seeded.

    I co-own a market garden for Farmers Markets. A day job co-worker lives across the creek and down the hill from me, although it's 3 miles by road. They own 55 acres of good bottom land. I have pretty crappy soil up here on the "hill" (larger than a hill, and not exactly a mountain... foothills of the mountains really), so I utilize their place. I have the seeds, the greenhouses, the knowledge, and the smaller tractor.

    I have three 20x50ft greenhouses over there and just short of 4 acres of tilled, but can expand. Only Greenhouse #1 has raised beds and starting racks for about 500 flats. It was easier for me to start the seeds in my livingroom this year, so I did. Greenhouse #2 will be melons and peppers this year, tomatoes in Greenhouse #3. We also put those crops in the fields too, but get 6 to 8 weeks earlier in the hoophouses.

    At home, I have my 16x27ft greenhouse with raised beds. It will have a stickbuilt solarium on it which will be 12x16 for my citrus room. It has a 350gal water tank ALMOST hooked up to my studio cabin to gravity feed into the little greenhouse.

    I will also have a 20x70ft greenhouse here, which is about 22ft below my house and will be gravity fed from a 2500gal water catchment tank off my main house roof. This is for home use, trialing, and isolation.

    I am a seed saver for 20 years, so some things, like wind pollinated, need to be separated.

    I start some plants for friends, but most of the thousands of seedlings go into the ground. I will see if I can post some pics from last year up for you.



    • This is about 1/3 of the last years main garden. For perspective, the corn is about 500ft across. Each pink flag in that bean row is a variety I am trialing. It is a double row of bush beans, so about 1,000ft total.

      I live up on that hill. You actually cannot see the rest of the mountain range in that pic. (I guess you can behind the clouds)

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      • CountryGuy, I specialize in really old and really rare veggies and fruit trees pre1500s fron British and France. I am trying to post a lovely photo of a violet/cream coloured carrot, but when I upload it, the forum tells me I only have 43mb left to post pics???
        If it posts.... this is a landraced variety from a small isolated hamlet in Switzerland where it has been raised 500 years.

        My absolute favorite melon is one the French monks grew in their monestary in the 1400s. I was going to plant some more today, but after thinking I had a failure, went and grabbed more seed, I noticed they are up today. They travel horribly, dont keep well, so I have a secret patch of them at home for me. I could (and probably will) have one a day for breakfast while they are in season. Just the smell of them is heaven.

        Tried to send pic again..I got " 20200423_172341.jpg
        Upload failed due to your usergroup's upload quota. This file will require 640.8 KB but you only have 41.6 KB of 9.54 MB remaining."... Can anyone ecplain that to me please?

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        • The last couple of days:

          - Got the shared tractor back for the summer

          - been canning meat for the last 3 days

          - splitting firewood



          • Originally posted by Cedar View Post
            - Did over the phone shopping with a friend who is bringing the tractor up in a few days. He was at a store that still had groceries, so he is bringing me up some pantry supplies which i cant get here.

            -Fixed the clothes washer that blew off the "output" hose. Thankfully my washer is outside. Sadly I didn't notice several hundred gallons of water on the ground until I was,suspicious of the washer taking too long, as I can hear it run on rinse cycle from the house. Not a prep, but I did 4 loads today as I can only dry when its sunny out.

            - Planted flats of cucumbers.

            I don't seem to have accomplished much today...

            Cedar, Those 4 loads of clean clothes ARE a prep! As someone who has lost power and water for a two week period during an ice storm, I know. If the end of the world as we know it comes (and it has) those 4 loads of clean clothes - linens - whatever will be a blessing. Just as those flats of cucumbers are.


            • Well I had to break down and actually go to the grocery store myself. My 2 neighbors have kept me supplied with milk, bread & eggs but my short term supplies-3 months worth- have started to run low. I figured it was not yet the time to break into my long term supplies. Home canned food holding up well but frozen foods and other items needed to be replaced and you can only get so much delivered by Amazon and other on-line sources. Small local grocery opens at 6:30 to 8:00 for those over 65 so I was there at 6:35 in my mask and long sleeves with my list. Replaced fresh and frozen meats & veggies and picked up a family sized box of egg rolls and a couple of frozen pizzas for a treat. I will add extra cheese and veggies to the pizza.
              Although it is only a 20 minute drive over section line roads to the store I took my cooler to put my perishables in because I knew I would be wiping down all items before I brought them in the house with a bleach solution twice as strong as recommended by the CDC. Freezer and fridge had been readied the night before. All non-perishable items would spend at least the night in the truck before being wiped down and brought in.
              As soon as perishables were taken care of I put my clothes in the washer and showered. Did the same when the non perishables were taken care of. I may chafe at some of the guidelines but common sense dictates I act in my own best interest.
              One (good) thing I noticed. Being rural some items in the store don't have a quick turn over. This time nothing was even approaching an expiration date!


              • Posted in another thread about my awesome neighbors bringing me some oranges. I saved the peels in the freezer as I ate them until I had enough to make a batch of candied orange peel. Sent some over to them. Apparently they really liked it. They sent me another doz! Again refusing any payment. So I will make another batch and send them half. If I get another doz in return I will make orange marmalade and share that.


                • Well I got another 2 dozen oranges. At one a day this batch will start going bad before I get them eaten so Orange Marmalade it is for half. Water sugar and lemon juice (all staples in my house) are all you need besides the oranges. made 4 pints (from 1 lb oranges) put up in 2 pint jars and 4 half pint jars. Looks just like the picture in the canning book. Shared half with those who gave me the oranges.


                  • Sent orange marmalade to neighbors on Sunday. Included a 1/2 pint of Apple-Ginger Jam. Monday when youngest showed up to mow lawn he brought 2 dozen apples, a mixture of Granny Smith and Red delicious. Prep today to make apple butter tomorrow and use the peels and cores for apple jelly a day or two later. Apple butter takes a good three times longer to cook down than applesauce if you don't use sugar. The natural sugar quite sweet enough on it's own if you spend the time making it the long cook old-fashioned way/ on a modern note using a crock pot or slow cooker gets the same results in the same time frame without the hours spent standing at the stove stirring over direct heat.