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  • Amy, Hope your husband is doing much better. He will also need to watch his diet as well. Easy on red meat and get chol. and trigl. down as well. I feel for you as I have been through both stroke and heart attack with my husband. We really have to be careful with him now. Just hope and pray your husband stays strong and do what he is suppose to do unlike my husband who I have to keep after all the time. That explains why I am so tired all the time, I have a 76 year old child.

    Finished all the canning today. Tried the tattler canning lids this time on the food instead of just water to see how they would work out as I have not really been used to using them other than for water. They worked so well that I ordered 10 dozen for 86.90 off of e-bay. brand new one. The cheapest I have seen them before was between $10.00 and 12.00. So I hope I got a pretty good deal.


    • I'm cooking him heart healthy meals.... he's not thrilled about it.... but he's eating it.... No choice....he doesn't cook!


      We see a cardiologist tomorrow....

      The attack scared the crap outa him..... he will behave.....


      • traveling for work as usual, watching the snow wishing for other weather... in naive hope of warm weather I started trying to plan out my garden. I'm planning to build raised beds along with trying those grow sacks and maybe a bucket pyramid for potatoes or strawberries. Planning to get the book on Mittleider gardening and try that in at least a bed or 2. I've been wanting to start some seeds with my girls, they're all excited about getting to plant something. My issue is I'm not sure where I can put them in the house/ walk out basement to get enough light, be warm enough, not be an "eyesore" to my bride and to be out of reach of a toddler and 1 yr old.

        Kind of working on an overall yard plan to figure out where to put things as I add. I want to get mini-barn or build my own shed (would like say 16x24 or bigger) but also want to put in a bit of a small orchard or somehow work them into the existing landscaping while also trying to figure out where we might be able to put a rabbit hutch and chicken coop/tractor.
        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


        • Finished my MK-12 build. Can't wait to get it to the range.



          • Today my husband pulled out our vintage Peak 1 compact camp stove model 400 to see if it still worked. I think we bought it around 1977-78. We bought a new pump device for it but tested it before replacing the part, and still worked! We added more fuel, put a pot of water on with some eggs, boiled them then dropped in some fresh asparagus that were popping up out of the garden. We made a nice salad and tossed in the eggs and asparagus and some spam. We had never tasted spam before, so we tried some of it it right out of the can and also fried a small piece. It tasted like a salty ham, wasn't bad at all.
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            • Originally posted by Trinket View Post
              ... We had never tasted spam before, so we tried some of it it right out of the can and also fried a small piece. It tasted like a salty ham, wasn't bad at all.
              The really good ways to have spam leach the salt out into whatever you are cooking. I.e. cubed into scrambled eggs or an omelet, thin strips fried like bacon with a bland gravy over biscuits, strips in mashed or au gratin potatoes, chunks in beans and rice or 15 bean soup.

              Now I'm Hungry!


              • I put in raised beds last year had pretty good luck with them. This year I bought the book square foot gardening and am going to try planting the raised gardens that way it all makes sense ,you use less seeds and get more yield it even gives you the equation of the best soil the guys found . It's pretty simple 1/3 compost,1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 vermiculite all can be bought at a green house or yard care or pretty sure you can get it at Wal-Mart, except good compost. The book also tells you how to make good compost yourself I don't read much because I read slow but this book keeps me reading .It has a lot of good Information ,So this year I'm trying this out ,just thought I'd throw that out there the book is called ALL NEW SQUARE FOOT GARDENING 2ND EDITION by MEL BARTHOMEW. YOU CAN ALSO FIND HIM ON YOU TUBE IF ANYONES INTERESTED Bambam55


                • Tornado weather is here so I spent several hours check and changing out batteries, water, cliff bars and other assorted items in my shelter. Made sure my whistle was attached where I would have it along with my little crank radio and extra clothing (made sure it still fit) in it's waterproof bag.


                  • Thanks for the spam recipes TnBigGirl.

                    Last night I fried up the last little bit of spam, then I added water and boiled it to get more of the salt and fat out of it. I added it to my pressure cooked black beans and served it over brown rice with salsa and some yummy homemade guacamole.
                    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


                    • Another easy Spam meal:

                      Slice of bread, covered with two slices of Spam, covered with green Ortega chillies, covered with a slice of cheddar cheese.....put under the broiler, cook until cheese is melted.... om nom nom....


                      • I bought a Lifestraw and a Gerber tactical pen.


                        • Finally, no rain, 70 plus weather and the garden is getting started. Planted carrots, lettuce, potatoes, onions today. tomorrow the beans will be planted along with some other things like cucumers, peppers, etc. Moving food around again with older stuff to kitchen and making room for summer time canning again. have been checking out about the difference between aeroponics and aquaponics. Did not realize there was a difference in them. aeroponics, you only use water in bucket with pump to spray the plants and when the roots get long, you just transplant them into raised beds or your garden. And the aquaponics is using the fish to feed the plants. With the aeroponics you need to use a liquid fertilizer that is Vit B one. Don't know how to transfer a web site to here, but will get the web address and post for anyone interested. it gives video lessons on how to do aeroponics which might be a bit easier for us as well. but still want to do the aquaponics also because the fish can also be food.


                          • Got a 36" wide set of metal shelves from an old garage and set about re-purposing them for my storage. I learned it is a lot harder to take the shelves apart than to put them together! Any way I got it done (sore fingertips, gloves got in the way) and reconfigured it to fit supplies. Now I just need to sand a few rusted spots and spray paint the whole thing. May take a couple of days. Thunderstorm (severe) tomorrow so painting wiol have to wait for dryer weather.


                            • refilled my stored water--and I have a little system to share, but it's only good if you're doing this with scrounged milk jugs, etc. (after today, I'm rethinking whether to get a better system, but even if I get purpose-made containers, I'd probably keep most of the scrounged ones for back-up, so...)

                              1) Having a number of different containers with different caps--even amongst the milk jugs there's variety--I've found that numbering the containers and caps is helpful. It also helps for seeing how many gallons I actually have.

                              2) I go around before emptying the old water and scratch out the dates from last time I filled them and--using a sharpie--write on the new date. I also add a bit of description: that a bit of chlorine bleach was added. (I use a clean detergent scoop and splash a bit of bleach in, then add water. It's easier to pour from that container than trying to get just a few drops of bleach from a big jug. Not a precise measurement of the bleach, but I'm guessing it's within safe limits.

                              3) check inside the caps for signs of mold/mildew. That's the downside of using scrounged containers. Scrub out any such and thoroughly clean the cap. (Something I didn't think of 'til now: putting the diluted bleach in the cap and then into the containers would also be a good step.)

                              4) dump the old water into the washer--might as well use it for something, right?--and fill a few jugs at a time, setting them in a separate area from those still to be filled. (I get pretty quickly unsure of which are which if they're sitting next to each other :p.) Note: I've read that it's important to not have the faucet touch the container.

                              5) After filling, I wipe the tops dry and draw a line to show the level they were filled to. This is so if one or another leaks I can tell more easily. I have had leaks from some jugs--slow leaks even--and once the water's run under a few or all of the jugs, it's harder to tell where it's coming from. I also connect the date to that fill line as, with multiple fillings, it's otherwise a confused mess of dates and fill lines.

                              Hope that helps. Maybe it's just selling you on the wisdom of buying a better version of containers for this job--if so, let me know which versions you see as the best buy. Or, if you have any tips/tricks you've worked out, or ideas for making the above process smoother, I'm glad to hear those, too.

                              One thing I'm wondering about: I saw elsewhere online that storing containers of water on a concrete floor isn't a good idea. Anyone know more about that?

                              ALSO--I finally got around to wrapping duct tape on some lighters! The simple things take the longest to do, sometimes, I guess.
                              Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


                              • Schneb,

                                I hesitate to mention this because it seems like I keep acting like a know-it-all...... but a lot of experts do not recommend reusing milk jugs because of the bacteria content. It is supposed to be really difficult to clean them sufficiently.

                                Milk Jugs as Water Containers

                                • Although gallon-sized milk jugs are handy and readily available, FEMA and the American Red Cross do not recommend refilling them with water for emergency water storage. Milk contains protein and fruit sugars that are very difficult to remove from the jug's plastic. When these proteins and sugars remain in the jug, bacteria grows, making the water unsafe to drink.

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