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About a year ago I told my Father ........

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  • About a year ago I told my Father ........

    About a possible crash in our way of life. I told him that I did not know if it would happen, or what exactly it would be if it did. I just told him that something doesn't seem all well in Wonderland. I talked with him about "prepping". He agreed with me and we talked with my Grandma (91 years old and still tills her own garden) about the Great Depression. We have had a few talks about it over the past year over the phone. I have not been able to go see him for awhile even though he is only 3 hours west. I didn't think he took me very serious though. He mostly just agreed with my talk and didn't say much.

    So..... my wife and I went this weekend to see my family out in west TX. They surprised me. My Grandma has A TON of food stocked up at her house. My dad has a lot more. He has a whole spare bedroom full of food stuff. Him and his wife have been canning hundreds of jars of food. He has 2 leases (which he leases for free, just taking the care of the places) where he has 3 HUGE gardens, a Jersey cow, 6 calves, quite a few chickens, 2 water wells, a mobile home on one place, storm shelters, a 5th wheel travel trailer, 14 more guns, and I couldn't even count how much ammo. I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 rounds. Everything from .22. 410, 20 gauge, 12 gauge, .223, 22-250, and more. I was utterly speechless.

    One of the neatest (to me) was a gun that was my great Grandfathers. It is a Winchester model 90 .22 short slide action (pump action is what most know it by) This is a newer version of the Winchester model 1890 which started being produced around 1911 or so. It was a gun that my Grandfather learned to shoot with while growing up on the WT Waggoner ranch. He sons learned to shoot with it as well, and I had never seen it.
    For your viewing pleasure, here is a picture (not the actual gun as I didn't think to get a pic)

    And he had 2 Winchester model 62's (which are the same gun, only a newer model with a round barrel instead of the heavy octagon of the model 90 -- and can shoot .22 short / long / and Long Rifle) He gave me one that was made around the 1950's in 85-90% condition.

    He has even bought a new AR15 identical to one of mine (CMMG Mod4SA w/A3 flat top and removable carry handle)
    I still can't believe what I saw when I went home this weekend. I am so amazed and thrilled.

    Hmmm.. can't let Dad beat me -- I'd better keep on prepping ..

    What a wonder trip home. Still can't believe my 91 year old Grandma is prepping, but she says "Son, I have seen the signs once in my life and lived through it - I see the signs again and I'll live through it again, only with much more ease this time" WOW what a woman.
    Ya know, I made it through the Marine Corps and I still wished that I was half as tough as she is.
    1371 and a honey bun -- BOOM!

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    OUTSTANDING!!!!.....nice to have family on board aint it?...:)
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      I'm very happy for your family. I spoke to my dad a few years ago and wasn't taken very seriously. He was the first to accuse me of listening to the wrong people. I told him that I wasn't listening to anybody but myself. When you look at the fall of all the major civilizations, they were al;l on the same precipace that we are right now. Good for you and your family!


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        Family is everything in my books! You can always count on them having your back.

        I'm honestly very happy for you!


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          That is so awesome! Its a pretty good feeling for you, I bet!! Thanks for sharing that story with us!
          If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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            that's fantastic!


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              That is great! I talked with my family the same way. Dad just shook his head and said come here. So I followed him to a spare room and he had stuff stacked everywhere. He had already started making supplies not just for him but for his kids and grandkids. It is a very good feeling when your family is thinking the same way you do. I am glad it worked out that way for you.


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                Great story thank you very much for sharing I hope their are more like your dad and grandmother