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How much water do you use in a day?

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    Suscide...that's what that would be...
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      If one chose to, you could save on water in the shower by shutting off the water while soaping up... lathering hair, one could save ALOT of water.


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        Last month I used 1,170 gal of water. Would have been less but had a leaky toilet. It's fixed now. When the kids visit it goes up.


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          Originally posted by maric View Post
          We use and waste way too much!!! I too will look at our meter. The girls will all bathe together, but my son (13) likes to take his shower once or twice a day. Long ones, must be nice? I have been discussing a timer for the bathroom. We only have 1 for the 6 of us. Might help cut down on water. I do not have a dishwasher, so I think I actually use more water hand washing..

          Does anyone save and reuse their "gray water"? is it grey or gray?? lol
          I use the gray water from my kitchen and landrey room, it it used to water the back yard. I do not have a dish washer either. It is hard to belive how much water we use every day...
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            We use about 200 gals a day for everything with the amount of canning we have been doing and less in the winter months. We have a well for watering the garden so this helps alot.
            As for graywater. i use it to mix up insect killer. But you can't use a detergent such as dawn detergent. it can be ivory or dove dishwashing detergent as these two are soap and not detergent. mix 16 oz of graywater, 16oz 70% alcohol and 2 tsp. soap. This will kill the insects but you have to spray on the insects to kill them.


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              If you think your family is ready for SHTF - take a week and have them take showers using the 2.5 gallon drip hose on a water bag. See how long before they bitch that they cannot get their hair washed with so little water. (My answer is cut it short).

              They do not understand that you get wet, stop the flow of water, soap up and then use most of your water to rinse off. I did this last year to prove a point to them just how much water we waste. It took a week but by the end they could do all their bathing using less then 2.5 gallons and in less then 5 minutes!