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How to protect against radiation???

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  • How to protect against radiation???

    Hey everyone, I am still pretty new to prepping, but am hopefully well on my way. Goes with the whole BSA motto, "Be Prepared". :)

    My question is how do you protect yourself from radioactive fallout? How would you fortify your house's basement? What equipment is ideal to wear if you have to venture outside into fallout? Any comments and feedback greatly appreciated.

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    I found this guide a few years ago. For anyone interested in preparing for a nuke disaster, this is a good place to start. It gives details on how to use what you have, if that's ALL that you have, Hardening basements, and some basics info on bunker construction.

    I have a basement, but it needs to be modified a bit more before I could count on it for protection
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      From everything I've read... a couple of key points.
      1. Distance from the fallout is your friend. The more distance from the radioactive dust, the better off you are.
      2. If you can't afford the distance, MASS is your next best friend. Bricks, dirt, metal, phone books, etc. when employed in quantity, can act as radioactive shielding.
      3. Air flow in your shelter. You can be 200 feet away from fallout, but if you A. didn't stop the ventilation system, or B. didn't properly filter the incoming air, trouble.

      To help accomplish #3... yup, you guessed it. Duct tape and sheet plastic to stop air flow. Remember the liberal media absolutely RAILING on the Bush administration for recommending this to the public? I do. Sorry, I digress.

      After those basics, I'd look into purchasing related radiation monitoring gear. But if you don't handle 1-3 above, the monitoring gear will do you little good. Go to Slowz1k's link that he provided. Excellent link! Read. And keep reading.