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using storage containers.

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  • using storage containers.

    Just curious. does any one else use plastic storage containers (waterproof or not) to pack gear into for their BOB or regular pack.

    I find it makes organizing my Packs simple and keeps things like spare bulbs and other breakable odds and sods safe.

    I also use Waterproof pill bottles. To store things like lighter Flints, Tinder, matches, spices or what have you. my local Pharmacy will give me four or five empty ones at a time.

  • #2 canasters and altoid tins....I have a few Otter Boxes for the eletronics and such.....

    Too many and weight becomes an issue though.
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      I use the plastic pencils type boxes in mine.


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        Totally in the opposite direction from what you meant... I use storage containers for my canned goods. The large 20gal tubs with lids. They stack well and though a bit heavy when loaded, they're pre-packed and ready to throw on the trailer if I need to hit the road quick.

        On topic:
        I do use some pill bottles, tupperware, and Otters, but for the most part my GHB, EDC, are all organized with various pouches and bags.
        The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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          If schlepping heavy stuff, like canned goods, go with smaller tubs rather than larger. This may be a no brainer, but its easy to screw up your back, muscles, etc. even if you are lifting it right. Had a bad moving experience (Stephen King books are heavy in more ways than one) and paid for it for a couple months. But... tubs and organizing very good - spend time on front end of preparing so you don't do it on the back end.


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            slow. I do that too. just in case I have to do the bug out boogie. can have a large chunk of my preps and gear loaded in ten minutes.

            2Minutes. I know the feeling LOL been there done that once or twice.


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              I keep my #10 cans in the 6 can cardboard cases(They are in a closet, so the cardboard stays OK). I find they are the perfect size, not heavy and the cans do not move. I throw a P38 in each case. Home Depot has some pretty good size totes that are black w/ yellow tops that are very though. I have a couple of those ready to go into the truck if necessary.

              In my BOB I keep everything in different size zip lock bags. If I need anytype of storage, they will come in handy.
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                I carry a few of these in my pack or in my kayak to keep my things safe and dry. A year ago today one saved my life. The box was one of a few things that survived when my kayak turned over when I hit a log jam. My cell phone just happen to be in the one that was floating next to where I turned over. The state police were able to find me by the GPS in my cell phone, but it still took 6 hours for a rescue boat a reach me.