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Who's gotten the "if the SHTF...I'm coming to your house"?

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  • Who's gotten the "if the SHTF...I'm coming to your house"?

    I know that if you are uber cautious about should never get this....but I have a forklift at mt shop...and we order in bulk.

    Many folks have seen thousands of pounds of supplies come through my shop....and for some reason they think I'm buying it for them...:(

    When they say that....I give them the "fine....I won't be there"...or the...say it twice....

    "why can't you take care of yourself?....*pause*...why?....can't you take care of yourself?"

    of if you want to get pissy with them...."bring food or be food"

    it just rubs me the wrong way....what about you?
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.

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    Only family has mentioned food to me. We've stocked for my mother, she's 77 and "living" on SS, so not able to prep.

    I'll tell you what gets my hackles up. I've told you about the guy at work who I overheard saying, "I don't need to stock food, I've got a gun, I'll take what I need." Other than that, he's a really nice guy.

    I've thought a lot about that attitude, though, and the thread some time back questioning if we are ready to shoot to kill looters who are trying to add us to their trophies...
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      I'm lucky no one other than a prep buddy knows I stock up the way I do. My only concern would be my ex inlaws.
      I've heard that tired old line " I don't buy food I buy guns and ammo so I can take what I need" I once told a Guy you know whhat I'm coming to your house if tshtf, he said why, I said so I can shoot your azz and not have to worry about one more frigging idiot. He didn't like that at all.
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        LOL, I'll bet he didn't.
        "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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          I get that from family and close friends all the time because they know my skills, background and that my house and land are remote. What is funny is they don't really know about my preps or supplies, if they only knew. I try to help them get ready but they all believe the government will always be there to help ( good luck with that ).


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            two of my kids that I don't get to see much came for a said "dang Mom, if the end of the world comes, I may have to come here"...the other looked at him and said in all seriousness; "only if you bring all the food and supplies you have can you come or else Mom will shoot you and feed you to the rest of us". LOL Guess she must have been listening to me when I explained about how supplies worked and my dislike of "I'm coming to your place".


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              I used to talk about preping to coworkers to try and get them motivated but alot of them started saying they might have to come to my place if something happened. I told them all my stuff was in a secure location and I wouldn't be home if something happened. I don't talk prep with anyone anymore..


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                Starters, this is the first site I have even felt comfortable posting on. No, Im not overly paranoid, not wearing tin foils hats or anything, BUT I have been to a few other sites that, just didnt feel right. I dont talk openly about prepping to many people, family, and our pastor.. I sure as heck am not gonna be a "Goodwill" for people when the SHTF! Im newer to all this, yet I am proud to say I have learned a whole lot, fast! Mr. "maric", teaches me a LOT, and I read articles, and magazines, picking up books to have and keep.I check out websites, and Mr. makes me watch a TON of youtube videos.. sigh..... Point being... I dont trust a lot of people, and I really dont trust people who will openly admit to "taking what isnt theirs", if they say that now, jokingly, and they have the means if they were desperate,I think they would.. and I dont want them to know what I got! :) Plus, I got 4 little ones to protect... They wouldnt make it too far round here! Know what I mean ;)
                If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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                  Have had family members tell me this when I bring up the fact that they had better be prepared. "I'll just come to your House!" and "I'll just shoot your azz if you don't bring your own supplies!" I told them to get off thier fat behinds and start getting busy. Both husband and wife are around 300 lbs or more. I am not going to feed them and thier lazy daughters. Thier son is a very hard worker- which is odd.


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                    ass gas or now what was the other one hmmmmmmm memory going fer some reason yea wont be here either but umm good luck
                    the pack that plays together stays together


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                      Originally posted by Omegaman View Post
                      I get that from family and close friends all the time because they know my skills, background and that my house and land are remote. What is funny is they don't really know about my preps or supplies, if they only knew. I try to help them get ready but they all believe the government will always be there to help ( good luck with that ).
                      This will sound terrible and sad, but it's quite possible the government WILL help them out. And all they have to do for their weekly government rations is turn in another quota of known "hoarders" in the area. I'm inserting my opinion only here... if they already know about where you will be and even the possibility of SOME of what you'll have, it would probably much less of a risk to provide (even meager) staple preps for them now, and expect them over when TSHTF. I'm not saying your relatives/friends would turn you in for food. I'm not saying they wouldn't. I'm just saying... maybe plan to grease the wheels with a little food charity now, and a plan to put all arriving loafers to work growing/raising more food later (or defending yours who are). Doing so would keep them out of the government's clutches and keep you further off the radar screen.

                      Again, just my opinion. Absolutely no offense intended by my remarks.



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                        Wow, what a huge topic!!!

                        I think about this alot. I'm an opsec failure with my friends and family, and they all know I'm prepping.

                        I look at this in two ways.

                        First, I NEED some of them when the S truly does HTF. The reason is that I firmly believe that you cannot survive long term by yourself, or even with a small family like mine. For example: I cannot work my land by myself once the fuel runs out. I cannot watch over my property (food, women, children, equipment, etc) like I know would be required to protect it from looters. I need at least 3 grown, capable men that can work 10 hours on, 20 off, or some such schedule, that would allow for us to sleep, and work when we are not on watch.

                        3 or more men can really work well. If you are sieged by looters/robbers, you can have the violence of action to defend your area. You can lift heavy things, etc, etc, the list goes on forever. I actually have a small handful of friends that get together with me and practice offensive and defensive weapon drills. We don't want to be learning each other when the time comes.

                        But. And I mean a big but. If they aren't willing to pull their weight, and help us feed their families, then I don't want them on my property. The guys that are truly welcome, know who they are, and the rest will be turned away or shot. I hate it, but thats the reality of it.

                        I firmly believe that life will be much better with a few of your friends' and their families. We are planning accordingly.
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                          THREE CAN KEEP A SECRET, IF TWO ARE DEAD.

                          This is a quote by Benjamin Franklin. Keep it in mind when discussing your preps. Also try not to let your younger children know what you have because they will talk without realizing what they are doing.


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                            I've always thought of when the SHTF scenario happens, and maybe I find myself bunkering down in my home, I sure would like to post some good official looking "CAUTION! INFECTIOUS DISEASE" or "DANGEROUS! CONDEMENED BUILDING" signs on my property....might keep a few from inquiring further...

                            ...and the shotgun is for the rest...
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                              Leave the first couple of bodies out on the front lawn as a warning to all others...

                              I agree that a small family, such as mine would need help. I have a pink Cricket for my daughter, but it will be a few more years before she shoots it or even knows it exsists. My wife can shoot, but does not like anything bigger than .22lr. The family we have in the area do not prep, but have very similar views as I do toward govt and the men are mostly ex-military so they could probably join us. Of course they would have to bring whatever supplies they might have, but I know I would have to supply firearms & ammo.
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