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Made the winter to summer change.

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  • Made the winter to summer change.

    Over the past few days I have been changing over my EDC, BOB and BOV supplies from winter loads to summer loads. Starting this time of year I am not going to need snow shoes in my truck nor will I need as many hand warmers this time of year as I carry in the winter. I also add in more instant ice packs this time of year along with evaporative bandanas and more electrolyte packs. I have removed all of the sand bags from the bed of my truck and replaced them with jugs of water. I also add after bite or sting sticks this time of year because in the winter the odds of getting stung in the winter in Maine are low. I have removed heavy winter clothes and replaced them with lighter layers of clothes. In a perfect word I would be able to carry the same load out year round but because of weight and space restrictions I have to tailor what I carry to the season I am in. I am one of the people who will be staying in place or bugging in, in a SHTF event so most of my bags are to get me or my family back home. Our BOB’s are really a last ditch bags and are loaded as such. Take this time to inspect and replenish supplies in your gear , my little girl like to eat the power bars out of my EDC. This is also the time of year we go through all of our supplies in the house to rotate and restock.
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    Since 120 miles of the freeway through Omaha was closed yesterday because of a blizzard, are you early?
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      Our winter is over ( fingers crossed ) because I went surfing on monday and I didn't need a hood with my wet suit.


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        Good thread. Lots of people forget to keep their gear seasonally sticked. Just did my meds rotation this week and I'll be doing my bush bag soon. Won't be needing hand warmers for a few months..


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          Originally posted by Omegaman View Post
          Our winter is over ( fingers crossed )
          Old-timers here say you shouldn't put your garden outdoors yet because there is always a freeze "after Easter".

          I was thinking that Easter is late this year (next Sunday, April 24th), maybe they are wrong. We live a mile high in Arizona, we had a freeze last week and last year had snow on the mountains in May.

          *sigh* Maybe we DO need a greenhouse.

          The February hard freeze killed a LOT of cactus and most of the palm trees around here.
          "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012