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Shelter in Place--Indoor Plants for Oxygen

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  • Shelter in Place--Indoor Plants for Oxygen

    Have you planned for a chemical attack near your home? Or even prepared for something less sinister, like a chemical spill or accident? When there are chemicals in the air near your home, there may be little to no time to safely evacuate. Better get out the plastic sheeting and duct tape, and shelter in place!

    After closing yourself off to the outside world by taping down plastic sheeting around those doors, windows, and where ever outdoor air may leak in, woudn't it be nice to have indoor plants to provide some much needed oxygen and help clean the air?

    This thought crossed my mind, and after doing some searching, I found a website that discusses some plants that will help "grow enough fresh air to stay alive inside a closed environment for a long periods of time." The site recommends three plants, the Areca/Golden Palm, Bird's Nest/Snake Plant, and the Pothos/Money Plant.

    The Areca/Golden Palm breathes in CO2 and breaths out oxygen during the day. The Bird's Nest/Snake plant releases oxygen during the night, and conditions indoor air. Finally, the Pothos/Money plant absorbs toxic vapors (sorry folks, the money plant does not actually grow money).

    The site does recommend "x" amount of each type of plant per person, but some of each has to be better than none I suppose.

    Something to consider maybe when buying your next set of indoor plants. Does anybody have suggestions for other type of indoor plants that may provide these benefits (such as producing lots of oxygen, cleaning or filtering of the air) and maybe additional benefits as well (such as providing food or medicinal purposes)?