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RWS_001: Water

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  • RWS_001: Water

    Real World Scenario_001: Water

    You live in the suburbs. Houses are 15 feet apart. HOAs are strict and prevalent. Wells are disallowed. You tried to purchase and bury and fill a significant water cistern, but the damn HOA wanted engineering schematics and permits and fees and your second child to make it happen. So, you did the best you could, tree-hugger style. Two 55 gallon rain barrels, catching runoff from your roof. The Winter was dry. They're about half full.

    WHAM! TS just HTF. The grid and trucking systems are down due to a nuclear mutant zombie comet emp dollar collapse union solar strike, and it looks bad. You hear rumors that regional pumping stations will be back online in a week, but that rumor is a month old now. You run through your 75 gallons of rain collection and have resorted to begging bucket loads out of your neighbor's pool. Problem is, you're number 10 in line for his aquatic generosity. The water clock is ticking.

    Alright, so suburban/urban non-well owners, take your current water preps/plans, throw them at this scenario, do the math, and share the result, your thoughts, frustrations, and/or solutions? (it is my sincerest hope that through war gaming these scenarios, we will all learn and prepare better)

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