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Solar electric system

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  • Solar electric system

    I was looking on eBay and I found 120 watt solar panels for sale at $259 I think and everything else for your system , controller, trickle charger, grid tie inverter. I am building a new house in Pa and you can guarantee I will have a set up. Go check it out.

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    Around 2 / watt is fair for a new panel, however be aware of shipping, panels are large. Very bulky. A 200 watt panel can be 5 feet long.

    Sometimes people overcharge for shipping, sometimes its so expensive you just think they are overcharging.

    You get a much better deal in the end when you buy in bulk. Its nearly as cheap to ship 10 panels as 1.
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      hey i just bought one 40watt panel and controler 130 dollars shipped free there is cheaper ones but by the time i added the shipping were more. all i can tell you is shop it took me about two weeks of shopping ebayto find what i was looking for. it sounds like a good deal i found one that had 45 watts controler for that price its from harbor freight. my best advise is shop there is deals with free shipping


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        Just a reminder that if you use unsealed deep cycle batteries for your power bank to be sure that you will have to maintain the fluid level and there can also be a danger of a flammable gas build up. Just a word to the wise if you put a large system in. There is also a system offered by Vanguard solar that does not use a battery bank it uses mini inverter technology. But on the down side I believe it is just supplemental to the power grid. More for the green person than off the grid.


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          As of the moment I have three 5 watt solar panels in a line to a charge controller and a battery bank of 4 car batteries with a power inverter... so far it has not failed me yet i can run fans and lights in the house when needed in case of power outage. I have put a great deal of thought in to my system and had thought about something huge to run an entire housed hold of things. My thought on that is after a huge shtf scenario things like that would attract un wanted attention plus I figure myself and everyone else would be way to busy maintaining security,gardens and other things to enjoy all the finer things that once was.
          Just my 2 cents
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