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Household Cyclopedia of General Information 1881

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  • Household Cyclopedia of General Information 1881

    You can download the 400 + page .pdf here:

    Household information is what this site is about and there are over 300 articles here. The genesis of this site was a book published in 1881 called the Household Cyclopedia of General Information. Many of the articles are from that book and are fascinating from a historical perspective and for research purposes. I have only looked at 1/2 of the document, but thought it might be worth a download for the you guys.....

    Agricultural Articles - Includes soil information, oats, barley, hay making, grafting a tree, etc.

    Old Fashioned Recipes - Includes Old Fashioned gingerbread, cake, pudding, home made wine and many more.

    Household Advice and Information - Includes articles like: Old Fashioned Cologne; How to live, Avoiding Nightmares, etc.

    Paints and Dyes - Includes articles on how to make dyes, paints, pastes, etc.

    Printing and Engraving - Includes articles on copying, printing, engraving and etching.

    Metallurgy - Includes articles on assaying, casting, methods of steel making and more.

    Home Crafts and Necessities - How to make Chinaware, tobacco pipes, stoneware pottery, etc.

    Weights and Measures - Information on weight values, gravity of liquids, reading barometers, etc

    Miscellaneous - Fishing history, dog age calculation, breeding canary's, etc.

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    Thank you for putting this info out there. This is something that I have been looking for.
    It is good to know that there are still people out there that will go the extra mile to help others.


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      anytime... you guys have helped me a great deal.. thats why i keep commin back.


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        Thanks much, will look it over!
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          Thanks for the book link. Already picked it up.


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            Looks like a very good and long read for me this weekend. Thank you.


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              Looks good to me. will be checking it out and doing some reading. thanks for the info,