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Standard Operating Procedures for your colony

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  • Standard Operating Procedures for your colony

    I am in the process of creating Standard Operating Procedures for my colony and was curious who else has one we can look it?

    If you don't have one, start now! It's easier to develop rules and guidelines while things are calm. This will also give you an idea of where your gaps are and what you can start practicing should the SHTF.

    Here's my Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 – Introduction
    Chapter 2 – Security Policy and Building Needs (i.e. spider holes
    .............. a) Day to Day
    .............. b) Individual Approaches
    .............. c) Mob Approaches
    Chapter 3 – Internal Communications
    Chapter 4 – External Communications
    Chapter 5 – Medical / Dental
    Chapter 6 – Food
    Chapter 7 – Water
    Chapter 8 – Solid Waste
    Chapter 9 – Dispute Management
    Chapter 10 – Seasonal Duties

    Appendix A – Job Responsibilities / Skills Desired
    Appendix B – Command Quarters and LP/OP Schedule
    Appendix C – Food Rotation Schedule
    Appendix D – Recommended Reading
    Appendix E – Community Supplies Needed
    Appendix F – Individual Supplies Needed

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    Your off to a fast start… might want to slow down, come down off that horse, sit by the fire and have a cup of coffee.

    When you use the term “colony”, do you really mean “retreat”? A retreat is the most commonly referenced term in the prepping/survival community for a safe place to go in order to avoid the chaos that will erupt in metropolitan/built-up areas and a place where you can generate subsistence for an indefinite period thereafter.

    As you contemplate your retreat and finding the right individuals to complete your group (have you identified the skill sets you need in your group?) writing down an SOP or establishing rules & regulations is, in my opinion, a bit premature. Establish your group first and seek individuals, that when combined, have complimentary skill sets that enhance your odds of not just surviving a crisis, but living on afterwards. You’re by yourself right now, right? What skills do you have and why would I want to be part of group with you? Folks are going to ask this question- What do you bring to the plate? Buying a gun or two and stockpiling storable food is not enough, simply a point of origin. Establishing a workable retreat and a group that will utilize it will change your lifestyle; it is serious business involving extensive, informed planning that must be tailored to the precise needs of the people who will use it.

    There is no way you can realistically set down and establish an SOP or a set of rules & regulations by yourself (you can, but I don’t think anyone would volunteer to join “your” group with such pre-conceived rules), you need to first establish a reliable group and get to know one another and each other’s mindset, their mental (emotional) & physical condition and limits, and what each can contribute, or just as important, what they cannot contribute. Only the group as a whole can establish rules, sops, etc… The group must live by them, so they must establish them, to include the consequences of not adhering to them. If your idea is my land, my money, my rules, my retreat, it will never work. There is no I in group, but there is a u for us and an o for ours.

    Not trying to be hard here, but think you are putting the cart before the horse. Establishing a group and a functional retreat is not a task to be taken lightly, it is extremely challenging and takes time. You will bring folks into the group and months later realize you can’t stand them, they talk too much, they are lazy, etc… My family has been through this. Take care of yourself first, develop useful skills, and work at meeting some like-minded folks that you can get along with long term; it will not happen overnight, next week, or next month.



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      LH speaks the truth.......big time.
      Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.