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A thought about Atomic Timekeeping Technology...

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  • A thought about Atomic Timekeeping Technology...

    I am looking at getting a Casio G-Shock Analog/Atomic, Solar watch. In my research I found that it uses "Multiband 5 Atomic timekeeping by receiving time calibration radio signals." If an atomic watch uses radio signals, what will happen when the SHTF? is the watch (time keeping) rendered basically useless if the powers that be halt the signals? Or EMP interferes? I am almost thinking just a regular analog eco-drive type watch may be more worthwhile... What do you guys think???
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    I am a big fan of the Eco Drive. I have one of the earlier models and have never worried about adjusting time or changing batteries. I also keep the old timex mechanical you-wind and a pocket watch in my bag as a backup (in a sealed bag with a few desiccant packs ). I don't know what effects - if any - an EMP might have on the Eco Drive, but I know the Timex should "take a geomagnetic lickin and keep on tickin".....

    You can often find Eco Drives on ebay for a fair price. But.... The Casio is also a fine watch. Both have great qualities. If you are loooking for a sure thing for a Post -EMP timepeice, A simple you-wind is the only safe bet. I have never taken apart the G-Shock or Eco Drive to know for sure if there are any components vulnerable to geomagnetic - electromagnetic events.


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      I've got a G-Shock atomic/solar. I've had it for over a year now and it's tough as nails. Not sure how it would hold up to an EMP, I'll have to research that one.
      As for the atomic synch function... That option is totally up to the user. You can set it up to synch with the atomic clock at any given pre determined time, manually synch it at will, or turn off the function completely, so it behaves as a plain old solar powered watch. (It keeps good time without the synch) I've had zero problems with mine, and will buy another if or when this one dies.
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