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Any good guides for wild edible plants?

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  • Any good guides for wild edible plants?

    Anyone have any guides for wild edible plants? i live in NC so something that has alot of plants from the southest would be great. Ive seen quite a few books on but wanted to check up here and see if any of you guys have a guide that works good for you.

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    Hi just as a thought look around your area for any herbal bussiness' they have what they call herb walks every so often.They may cost a few dollars but they are usually operated by local people who are in the know about edibles in the wild in your area. Hope this helps ,the reason I know this is I'm going on one Aug 7 here in N.H. near where I live bambam55


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      Your best bet would be a regionally-focused, full-color guide, which can be had at most hiking supply shops or even possibly a commercial bookstore.

      I agree that the best way to learn is in the field with an experienced person. Call garden centers, state and local parks, and see if they have classes available.


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        Barnes N Nobles has a pretty large selection of field guides. But, I purchased one of these however, it's not segregated to a specific location, other than North America. It's not very complete, but contains common plants. It's a "fold-up" laminated field guide so it is very convenient. The only real draw back is that the pictures are artist illustrations, not actual photo samples (which I would very much prefer). These particular fold up laminates come in a bunch of titles which is also pretty convenient for other topics. (Knots, weather, animal tracks, trees, etc) . Handy, portable, but overall, mostly just for quick reference.
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