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unleaded gasoline ?

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  • unleaded gasoline ?

    I'm in hopes that most of you preppers out there know that you can use unleaded gas in colman cook stoves. I've been using it instead of colman fuel since the 70's. The reason I brought this up was that the a while back I was at Wally World and some guy was looking for colman fuel of course W/W was all out . I saw him in a frantic pace walking around, when I asked him what he was looking for of course he told me and said his family and him were some cold the nite before because he had run out of colman fuel. So I asked him if he knew he could use unleaded gas , he looked at me like I had 4 eyes ,oh I do!!!!! LOL and could only say where were you last nite?????????? I just reassured him he could use unleaded for any colman or similar white gas unit heaters, lanterns,stoves etc. Then I walked away thinking if the shit hits the fan whats going to this guy and his family????? Sad is'nt it!!!bambam55 P.S. hopes this helps some one in our comunity.