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Lazy and ignorant people.

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  • Lazy and ignorant people.

    I am an inspector on a construction project installing and upgrading telecommunications. It is my job to insure the contractor follows specs, codes and places materials properly. I deal with homeowners and property owners on a daily basis. There are always a few construction workers on every crew that try to cut corners, lean on a shovel or argue every little point rather than just do things right. Then there are members of the public who try to claim their property was damaged or expect outrageous compensation for the most trivial things. Don't get me wrong there are also a lot of hardworking and common sense people out there too.
    Let's say the SHTF. When it comes time for people to band together their are going to be all kinds of individuals. Some will be likeminded and prepared to help for the common good. But there also is going to be a lot of people who are lazy, stingy or those who feel they are entitled to everything they can get. Of course there will be the obvious criminal minded who wish to prey on those seen as weaker than themselves. These will be easy to pick out and easy to deal with. The point I am trying to make is how are you going to deal with the lazy, spoiled, arguementative etc. Can you turn them away. Or are you willing to put up with their behavior out of the goodness of your heart. These kind of people will drain supllies and morale like nothing else can. Would you be able to pick and choose who joins your party if necessary.

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    They are the first to be eaten. I call a leg:-)
    He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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      This is why you either need to pre-pick your group of survivors or at least get to know those in your neighborhood so you have an idea of who will be help or hinderance.
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        If they don't work they don't eat. Its as simple as that. They would leave on there own after a few days, after realizing there is no free handouts here.
        Prepare for the worst and hope for the best to see yourself through the worst.


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          Id hand them a shovel and tell them to dig me trench and if they did so i may try to help, if not get the hell on. Atleast it shows some kind of effort. Like one fellow said " you spent 300.00 on your iphone, well when it hits the fan eat you @#$%ing iphone.
          Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!


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            Originally posted by Boy Scout Survivor View Post
            They would leave on there own after a few days, after realizing there is no free handouts here.
            I wouldn't count on this .... If you're the only thing separating these people from a meal you may have a problem .... factor this before you turn your back to them.

            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              Originally posted by monet861 View Post
              They are the first to be eaten. I call a leg:-)
              Just havin a ball!


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                Originally posted by nakadnu View Post
                Just havin a ball!
                That is just so wrong, but you can always go up for seconds. Rocky Mountainman Oysters
                He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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                  [QUOTE=Oscar Wilde;33454]I wouldn't count on this .... If you're the only thing separating these people from a meal you may have a problem .... factor this before you turn your back to them.

                  How true ....... some of these slackers are very intelligent and devote all their time/brains in avoiding ligit work ......... throw in the idiots that have made a career of back stabbing, half assing and avoiding work ......... evaluate those neighboors for talents and also possible trouble source ........


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                    Well I will assume we are talking a long term event here (apocalyptic) if so, then here is my 0.02 for what it is worth, for one you could not afford to let an outsider into you group for various reasons, one you don’t know them or their personality or how they are going react to you (assuming you are in charge) as a leader of your group. How will joe blow react to you telling him to dig the ditch, sure he may dig right in and the whole time be looking on how he is going to leave tonight and tell his buddies waiting down the road about all the people, weapons and Food you have stored. And it may not happen on day one he may stay for a week feeling out your command and control ability. Can he just shoot you in the head and take over? Will the other members of your group roll over at the sign of an “Alpha” male type doing in their leader?

                    Or worse yet he/she gains your trust and pulls a Troy on your group, one night he is on sentry duty and all his buddies coming in for a late night snack and party (at your groups expense)

                    Then there is the lets give them a meal and send them on their way scenario and that all sounds good in theory as well, until they go down the road and tell another group that your group handed out food then you have the beginnings of a conflict.

                    It is our human nature to want to “Help” those in need, if not we would not be human, but when the SHTF all you will be able to count on is those people who have worked, prepared and that you know to help make it though the event.

                    Even bartering needs to take place AWAY from your home camp in some neutral location, to assure your groups safety.

                    Just food for thought,

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                      I have worked with some people that spend more time and effort making excuses not to do a job then it would have taken them to just get it done. I don't have time or use for those folks.
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                        I've been watching the show Survivors from the BBC. I think it's a pretty good show (well, except when I'm yelling at the TV)...except for the main group's constant willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt. Instead of doing away with the bad guys, they are always 'sending them on their way', just to have them come back and do more harm later. Their security procedures (none) tick me off too. Other than that, well worth watching for those who like the genre!