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Are we being hered towards a race war with illegals?

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    Looks like the DoJ is going to sue us.
    "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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      There are 17 states that are working on legislation just like ours (AZs). That's more than made the Confederate states.[/QUOTE]

      18 now NC just added to the list. Yes!
      "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
      -Ben Franklin


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        "The regulation of our borders and the immigration that occurs by crossing our borders is something that is inherently something I believe for the national government to take responsibility for." Attorney General Eric Holder

        --But if the national government was actually taking responsibility for regulating and enforcing illegal immigration, AZ wouldn't need this law. I agree that immigration is a national issue and should be handled by the fed gov, but if the feds can't (or won't) do their duty to uphold the standing law, than the states MUST be allowed to shoulder that burden. AZ should be supported-not condemned!


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          Originally posted by coxmw View Post
          18 now NC just added to the list. Yes!
          What list? Where could I find more info on this? Thanks


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            Originally posted by coxmw View Post
            There are 17 states that are working on legislation just like ours (AZs). That's more than made the Confederate states.
            18 now NC just added to the list. Yes![/QUOTE]


            I was hoping we'd get a horse in this race!
            The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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              Truthfully, I think we are headed to a war, but we are going after the wrong illegals right now. I cannot remember the last time a hispanic dud tried to blow up time square or threaten to eat our children. While the illegals are a definite problem....the more pressing need is for some ethnic cleaning of the muslim persuasion. I think the Obama media brigade has done a very admirable job, ignoring the problem. I feel like we are in danger everyday. Our culture is soft, and our security is lax. They know it and will at some exploit it again.


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                Originally posted by TacSKS View Post
                What list? Where could I find more info on this? Thanks
                NC is the 18 state sorry, here's a list and i hope I got all of them here. They will still have to get it passed but it's a start.

                # OF STATES ATTEMPTING VERSIONS OF AZ's SB 1070: 18










                NEW JERSEY

                NORTH CAROLINA




                RHODE ISLAND

                SOUTH CAROLINA


                "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
                -Ben Franklin


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                  Do you remember the Movie "The Postman"?
                  It's a post apolyptic tale, essentialy mad max with horses set in America. Of course in the movie it was raxcist America that was the bad guy,,,oppps forgot to insert 'white',.
                  In the novel that was not the case, it was a fragmentation, a Balkanization of America after some unnamed disaster, and a computer driven 'Governance' that was the baddie. The main character was a former patriot, he had made the "Last Stand" in Wash DC. trying to preserve a Constitutional Govt. and in the main story line he tried to re-establish the US via a postal route that would link communities into a cohesive constitutional political structure, but an uncaring machine with totalitarian powers stood in the way.
                  The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                    I think AZ's easy solution is to add a boycott tax for the power going to Cali to make up for any lost business. Say 50%, that might open some eyes.
                    He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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                      If it were up to me I'd pull all our boys and women back to our own soil, put some of them on the boarders of mexico and canada,anyone running away from our fences are fine ,anyone coming towards our fences would be warned if they still keep coming shoot to kill.The muslims would be also warned any act of terrosim would be met by strong retaliation ae bombs away we don't have to be residing there to make a strike.Some of our men and women would go out and check everyone to find the illegals,1st time we'd send them home ,2nd time we'd send them home in a hercules at 30,000 ft over their country of origin and push them out no chutes, any drug dealers ,gangbangers,or such would be shot on sight.Finally every family just like in Switzerland would be given a gun and the family would be taught how to use them. that should deter most other crimes . bambam55


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                        These are old post from 2010, but worth reading. Maybe compare 2010 to now to see how things are going in this country today.


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                          2 years into the Obammy hell - better than "illegals" would be "ethnics" - and most of the postings were spot on ... Obammy did sell out and screw over the dumbazz white Democraps that voted him in - 2012 most had seen the light ....

                          totally different pic these days - no more coddling ....


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                            What about the dreamers? Young kids brought to the states by there parents. Can we blame them? All they know is the USA.

                            There are others here also who came, because to return to their county, is DEATH.

                            It is very complicated.

                            40 Percent of foreign money going to Mexico is from illegals here in the USA. SO not only do they not pay taxes, Social Security, Sate taxes, etc. They do not even spend their hard earned money here, but send it home!


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                              I think we need to do something about the illegals. But as for the ones that have been here since they were babies, and know no other country. They should be ok as long as they are working and paying taxes. Not living off the government the so called dreamers as they call them should be fine. But the ones that came here illegal need to either get right with this country, learn to speak English, get a green card or whatever to become illegal and then get jobs, pay taxes like everyone else. Not to be here for the government to support them. That is not what I pay taxes for.


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                                the DACA program is a failure for the true intent that it was created - the majority are uneducated and unemployed - plenty of them documented criminals ....

                                How often do you see the deportation protesters drag out a selection of DACA achievers? - never