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Are we being hered towards a race war with ilegals?

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  • Are we being hered towards a race war with ilegals?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place in the threads for this posting / question. If not, Big Saw please forgive. Are we being herded towards a possible race war with illegals? The more I see the lack of action on the Federal and state level. the more I think both sides are being pitted against one another just as a means to an ends. Anyone else see this or am i being paranoid?

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    What you have to do is look at the big picture. Obama is using tactics that were embelished by 2 sociologist from the sixties. Their ideology was that in order to fix a social injustice- everyone not being on equal ground- they would flood certain government programs and collapse it. Once this was done, they would basically re-write the policies so the government could spread the wealth (sound familiar now). They did not collapse the system, but that is why we have a lot of lifers on the welfare system. Now add in illegals to this mix, how fast could you crash an already stumbling system? Obama is driving us to be like the rest of the world- we will no longer be a super power with finacial stability. Once this happens-God help us cause we are in for some big trouble.