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Need a Good Vacuum Sealer

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  • Need a Good Vacuum Sealer

    Seen these mentioned for ammo and food storage. Anybody care to share what models they've obtained? Used? New? Features?

    I searched... too many models, not enough REAL user experience to base my decision on.



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    I have used the Food Saver V2440 for over a year now. Great little machine that I use much more then I thought I would. It's made well and is very easy to use. Picked mine up at Sam's Club.


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      Excellent! Thank you for that info and model!

      Any others who can share, I'd love to comparison shop... :)


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        I've used the Foodsaver 550 for probably 5-6 years ,also a Sam's club purchase. For me it's very easy to use (my wife says she cant get it to work for her ..... But I think that's just to get me to do all the vac-packing) and it has paid for its self several time over by extending the freezer life of the groceries that we used to throw away constantly be cause of freezer burn. From personal experience I've noticed that it will at least double the time most meats can be frozen and still be fresh when thawed. The bags and material to custom make bags are kinda pricey ,IMO but overall it's a money saver.
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          Foodsaver Model V3420 from WalMart. Works Great. The only problem we have had so far is some kinds of hard stuff, like egg noodles, in the bags sometimes punctures the bag so the vacuum will not hold. Have discovered that putting the item is a heavy freezer type ziplock bag first will reduce those events. Otherwise, a good choice. Have even vacuumed pack 5.56 on stripper clips with it.
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            I have an ancient FoodSaver that I bought new ages ago. Its starting to get a little testy but once warmed up works like a champ. Its killing me, my mother in law wanted one for Christmas of 08 so got her the newest FoodSaver out at the time - she doesnt even use it. (Will probably steal it from her next time Im in Tennessee.)