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Interesting uses for your foodsaver/vacuum sealer

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  • Interesting uses for your foodsaver/vacuum sealer

    I just read an article about a man's ingenious uses for his food saver and the ones that caught my eye:

    vacuum seal your ammo, your guns, gun parts.
    This really got me thinking that ANYTHING can be vacuumed sealed...especially if you want to keep air, moisture, dust/dirt out. Clothing, supplies in your BOB, important documents, photo's...

    Just something to think about
    Idiocy on your part should not create an emergency on my part!

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    These work great for items that are to large for you to use a foodsave machine.


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      I have sealed up the handguns & ammo in my BOB bags for quite a while. I put in one of the RUST-BLOX tabs to help protect from rust so I don't worry about the gun & mags when stored for many years in the BOB. I have a Springfield Armory M4 410/22 rifle that I sealed up in two separate pieces & a double barrel shotgun broken down for long term storage.

      Using the Foodsaver for sealing clothes,matches,maps and items in my 1st aid kits that would be ruined by water helps me believe the items will be secure until needed. All batteries stored in the BO bags are also sealed after having more than a few leaking batteries ruin many items.

      I also like to keep some of my spare parts for my vehicles and generators sealed up & labeled so they are ready if needed.