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Anti-Hoarding History

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  • Anti-Hoarding History

    This is an example of why OpSec is essential for preparedness minded families.

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    Wow an early prepper. This is worth the read!

    I think his only problem was storing flour instead of whole grains.

    I agree, his OPSEC was way off, but MAN whatta stash!!!:eek:


    Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to
    beat you to death with it because it is empty.

    The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.


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      The thought that stuck me was wondering what the punishment was? It seems to imply that he was targeted because he was so high profile. If I could spend some time researching these laws more I would expect that they were not well enforced.

      Funny it mentions nothing about guns. I can't expect that to be the case today when even semi-auto .22s are labeled assault rifles by the media.


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        $3,000 each? That would have bought a very nice home in 1918!
        On Dec. 8th 1941 my grandpa went to town an bought-up every round of ammo that fit his guns he could find! He remembered that there was an ammo shortage in WW1. I guess hoarding is in my blood!
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        The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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          Loose lips sink ships. Let this be a lesson to us all. It would be cool and an ego booster to show off all my "stuff" and brag about how much I have. But as we have just read it is a sure way to attract unwanted attention.


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            Keep in mind that there are those who refuse to prepare and hold it against us that we do. I loved how they said "Yes, they used their own money and did it over a period of time but they're still wrong."


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              Wow. I didn't even know being prepared for a disaster was against the law. That's ridiculous. What's more ridiculous is I know the government has no means of providing every citizen of the United States with food for a full year in the event of an extreme crisis. So why the law against people who have the foresight to prepare? It's not like these people were stockpiling nuclear weapons.


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                What I find interesting was that Mr. Hoover was only discovered when he began giving it away to the poor. Makes you think you might need a better system to distribute aid.


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                  Question is- does this law still exist?


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                    No i dont believe so. Per Wikipedia it ended durning 1920. The only reason for the law seemed to be to make sure there was enough food to go around during wartime.
                    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


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                      Gotta be the dumbest law in history. I can't imagine the government not wanting to be prepared. (Well, actually, I can.)


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                        According to the .gov website, the WH wants you to keep 72 hours worth of food and that's it. Every Christmas I go through my collection and see what I have a lot of and take it in those big plastic boxes to my church and hand it to them. I've been going since I was 12 and the preacher is a militia loving, preparing guy like m.e


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                          Dwebb you are right that the WWI anti-hoarding laws were rescinded in 1920. What the vast majority of people do not know is that there is something a bit more insidious that relates to hoarding that has been in effect since Feb. 16, 1962. Kennedy issued ten Execuative Orders on that day and each of them amkes it legal for the US Government to seize various items and sectors of the AMerican economy. I will put the link for the article I read at the bottom. Also I went and found the linked Executive Orders in the National Archives Online and found that they were not altered or anyhting to make them more "interesting" for the article. Now the article I am linking is rather long but read it all and you will have an eye opening experience. Here is a summary or the Kennedy Executive Order I referenced earlier, including the Order number;

                          10998--Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private and all farms and equipment;

                          If that summary has piqued your interest then go there and read the entire article.

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                            Originally posted by Apocalyptic_Sojourner View Post
                            Gotta be the dumbest law in history. I can't imagine the government not wanting to be prepared. (Well, actually, I can.)
                            Prezzy Wilson; the man that instituted this hoarding law was mad in love with Communism and was a totalitarian dictator under his very thin skin. Wilson had civilian goon squads with patriotic names that violated civil rights at will. Wilson locked-up thousands of political opponents as well as 'Hoarders' on unconstitutional 'laws' he created. Control the food and the sheep will follow. Wilson also instituted the first Federal Income Tax, it was only supposed to last 6 years, to fund the war. Wilson truely hated all those that were not WASP as well, it was he that segregated the US military.
                            The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.