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A little inspirational reading

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  • A little inspirational reading

    Well the holidays are over and we face another year. Most everyone here has noticed a lull in the posts lately. I'm still prepping but haven't posted much....

    Last week I decided to read, ... for the second time,"Lights Out" by an author that goes by Halffast. Many members here have already read this short online novel, but for our newest members I would like to recommend it as an almost essential read. It can be a real eye opener as to how society may react to a national disaster... and how quickly it can dissolve to it's most primitive forms.

    Reading this story again has kind of re-kindled my prepping fire.
    If you haven't read it... Check it out. It's FREE!

    The drawing is over. You can purchase signed copies of Lights Out here: Lights Out by David Crawford - aka Halffast Update 12/3/2010: Updated cover...
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    Thanks for the post!!! Just finished reading "Lights Out. It shows how teamwork will allow us to survive. Also the Davis compound didn't fair due to ?Dictatorship?
    Good read!!! Thanks


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      Never read that before. Great read! I was left wanting more length and more answers.

      If they go ranch...
      - Turm oil during the children's aclimation to commune life (a world away from XBox and Wii)
      - Turm oil with teenage daughter (I would fear this aspect the most)
      - Aspects of leaving the subdivision. People wanting to know where you're going. How it was handled. Did they leave they're genny and well?
      - More detail on ranch/commune life. Patrols, operating procedures, etc.
      - Further story line... incursions, both stragglers and organized groups
      - Updates on the in/decline of the national rebuilding efforts

      If they go home...
      - Food shortage and how they end up dealing with it
      - Gardening challenges
      - Homeowner turmoil about supplies and shortages
      - GAS shortage (sounded like no gas=no water)
      - All the preps (or lack of) seemed to be building to a rude awakening

      I think the story line (though fictitous at this point) would be interesting to show a division in the two families. Maybe have one go Ranch and one go Home. Then watch the two play out, good, bad, and terrible. Would the neighborhood watch have a prayer of making it? If so, show how incredibly difficult it would be. If the Ranch had shortcomings, show them and their effects on the members.

      Very interesting story. Hope there's more and/or comments.



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        I believe this has been pulled from the web , to include to complete pdf version on the FS site; Halfast got a book deal to publish it. If your looking for another good read, try "The Day the Dollar Died",

        I thought this was a very intelligent and well thought through story...



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          Great read, plus it's somewhat current.

          Awesome find Long Hunter.... Thanks
          The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.