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    Earlier this fall I finally picked up my Estwing Campers Ax at a HomeDepot. Haven't really had a chance to use it hard but did use it some for limbing some trees I cut down and worked great. I did put more of an edge to it than what it came with as it looked a bit dull. I like the balance and the handle feels good in my hand.
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      I love my BUCK knives. I got 2 fix blades 6" & 8" and 4.5" fold. All 3 hone 2 a razor edge and keep the edge. I also have a COLT fix at 10" that I enjoy.

      I haven't had the COLT long enough to recommend but the BUCKs I would. We have had the BUCKs since 1969 & I can tell u they have been through hell. Been in salt water, lost one for about 6mo outdoors and when I found it was in perfect shape no rust a little stain at base of blade. Handle still firm and smooth. I sure was happy to find it, 4 u c it was my wife's 6" need I say more.

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        I have bought 5 headlamps in the 2 years 4 of them are from a company called Coast each has only LED BULBS and run off 3 aaa batteries also the kicker here is you can buy them at Home Depot for around $20 and they come with a lifetime guarantee it costs $5 dollars for return postage and they fix it or send you back a new one. And also if you check Home
        Depot out from time to time they also have some pretty good sales and promotions where they are cheaper. they have a lot of different amount of LED lights and some come with a red LED set up in them. I use the red light a lot when I'm out night crawling I'd rate these Coast headlamps at the top of the list at least my list any way