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Made some heat for car

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  • Made some heat for car

    I've been putzing around with wax and with Murray's Pure Australian Bees Wax (made with Petroleum) and got to thinking, I need something for the car if I get stuck out in the country somewhere since I'm out there so much so........I got a couple of cat food cans, cut some cardboard rolled it up in a couple and WaLA a great candle for the car.
    I also used some tea Light tins for the same idea and also with the Murray's Bees Wax. The Murray's burns really hot. I got about 30 minutes out of one of the tea lights. I got the Murray's at the Dollar General Store for $2.50 a jar in the hair product isle. WOOOOHOOOO FIRE!!!!!!
    Here are some pics.

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    Nice job, they look great


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      Excellent Unswydd! Now here's hoping that you don't need to use them.


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        Help me understand. Murray's "Pure Australian Bee's Wax" is made with petroleum? Wouldn't that make it "Not Pure Bee's Wax"?
        Just askin'...