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A Night out

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  • A Night out

    Well these are just some crappy pics im testing out before i post my gear pics. First was the shelter i built i stayed the night in it was my first lean to and it sucked. And the other pics are of the fire that kept me warm. So enjoy
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    I think it is great that you did this...maybe it could use fine tuning, but the attempt is applaudable.

    You have a headstart on the time that you may very well NEED this and have already done one.

    Great job
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      I think if any of our first thoughts or projects actually worked out perfectly, we'd all be less equipped in a real survival situation. I built my first "out in the woods" shelter in the dead of winter and there wasn't much I could do against the prevailing snow storms to keep warm.

      Getting the first one behind us lets us see what improvements are needed and where.

      Good Job!
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        you did great. It was about 20 below last night and you slept outside in the below freezing weather. you are a survivor....


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          Kudos on your experimental success, even if you met with some minor practical failure(s).....every time we do something wrong, we're that much closer to doing it right....looks like you're close enough, and as already stated, you're not a prepcicle...good job!
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            Great job NK ..... now jus pile some more debris an cover that big opening .... it'll keep some body heat in there for ya :rolleyes:

            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              Hunters and hikers freeze to death every year in Montana. What you built could be a real lifesaver.
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