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  • Real savings on internet shopping

    Mods -- move this as appropriate --

    Wanted to give you guys a "head's up" on some pretty cool saving on the web using Bing Shopping... (is this sounding like a commercial?, it ain't).

    I was a little skeptical, but so far it looks pretty cool... I've used it only with Ebay, but have saved 20% on "Buy It Now" items. What you need for Ebay...
    1) Ebay account - (obviously)
    2) You must pay with Paypal... (is there anything else?)

    On Bing, you have to sign up for a free account, and join the Bing shopping program... (I've received NO SPAM so far, keeping fingers crossed!!)

    Now search for ANYTHING in Bing shopping, ie: "tivo"... look for the ebay ad on the right sidebar, and you will see the 20% savings ad (today, anyway, it may change daily, have fun, try other search terms, might find something higher than 20%) ... click on it. It will open up an Ebay search page rendering "tivo" results... (you will see the "bing" snippet at the top of page, and all eligible items will have a $ symbol)... here's the cool part... in the same ebay page, go up to the ebay search field, and type in anything you REALLY want to buy, and the 20% discount will transfer to all buy it now items, sort buy "lowest price + shipping". I have been wearing it out...

    Now the fine print: Your savings will be transferred into your PP account in 60 days. But for a 20% rebate, I'm OK with the wait, especially on things I was planning on buying anyway.

    Hope this was clear enough, and it is not limited to Ebay, it's just where I do most of my internet purchasing...

    In another forum, some guys said they got up to 35% (on a certain day), you have to keep checking search terms... I experimented with the popular electronics, for example, like Sony, Nikon... you get the picture (no pun...).

    If any of you guys try it and like it... post back the search terms, and what % savings you got,it will help everyone take advantage...

    Clear as mud? :eek:

    Thought of one more thing... you can only make one purchase per browser session... so to get the savings on a 2nd purchase, you must go back through Bing and do it again... and there is a limit of $2500 savings/rebate per year...
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