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Safety Deposit Boxes and bank failures/economic meltdown and a Nod to Shane's Blog

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  • Safety Deposit Boxes and bank failures/economic meltdown and a Nod to Shane's Blog

    Was thinking that with the possible bank failures and an economic meltdown, it may be wise to pull your items you need to have access to from your safety deposit boxes.

    Or at least keep any origional documents in your own fire proof lock box.

    Also if you get a chance read this blog: about a fellar (Shane) who has some good ideas about preparing to bug out and how to prepare your documents (digitally) in case you need to get out of Dodge. Really well written site in all things Get out of Dodge (G.O.O.D).


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    Thought this might be good to bump. There was never any discussion about it. The site is informative. I have been watching the stock market a lot more as it is really going up. And as the old saying goes what goes up, must come down. I have thought for a long time now that we will have a stock market crash and I still think it will happen. Don't know if anyone has really thought this through, but something we really need to start thinking about. Banks here was closed for 4 days although the ATM's were still working except where people lost their current went out. That was just a minor problem. But think about what will happen if the stock market crashes. Bank closures, and those who have safe deposit boxes will not be able to get to them. That means no debit cards or charge cards will be any good. What would you do if this happens. Something to think about.


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      What my group does is keep all forms of documentation on file at a secure lap top at our retreat. If you need to up date information like house insurance forms, we send it via an E-Mail to the group to maintain on a lap top which is only pulled out of it's Faraday cage to up date the data.

      PS: I'm going to make another EMP thread this week. With North Korea having the ability to put a missile near the east coast; I can think of only one thing he would send an EMP blast would cause more damage to the US then dropping one 15-20 Kiloton weapon on Washington DC.


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        Rich, that sounds like a great idea. I have a lot of my info on a scan disk. I should get a small lap top to keep in a faraday cage. I really do need a new one anyway as the keys on this one keep sticking along with other issues. The battery won't hold it's charge more than 15 to 20 minutes any longer.
        Will be looking forward to your EMP thread as I am about 3 and a half hours from DC and my granddaughter is even closer in Maryland.


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          Shane's blog is excellent. It is very complete, and asks a lot of questions we probably not considered. Can you answer ' YES ' to all of the questions? Probably not. I couldn't. Everyone should read this and take notes. Thanks for bumping this thread, AJ. A lot of really good info.
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            This is an interesting one to bump.