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Digital 12v TV's

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  • Digital 12v TV's

    Has anyone purchased any new digital 12v TV's?

    I have what I like to call my "Jefro Bodine country boy will survie" emergency 12v power kit. It is a old set of hand trucks with a 12v batery a telescoping pole with 2 12v lights 2 cigar lighter plugs all wired up and ready for a temp power outage.

    My problem is the old analog TV will not work any more and I want to buy a new digital set mabe one with a dvd player. Has anyone here purchased one of the newer portable digital 12v tv's?

    And if you are currious this little concraption really comes in handy, my kids made fun of it until the power goes out and dad wheels the old hand truck in and we have lights and radio and TV.

    This year I have a 12v solar panel "battery charger" to charge one battery while I use the other one.

    Thanks for any help, I am wanting pros AND cons for any sets, right now HHGregg has the best one I have found it is color 7 inch with dvd for around 150 it has a rebate , I hate rebates but it knocks it down to 120-125 bucks.

    (I paid 10 bucks for the old black and white 12v set from k-mart 10 years ago!)


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    You might want to check Target's site, I bought a few months ago a Digital Labs 7" which was on sale at the time for 49.95 it worked quite well only problem with it was no antenna included but it did include the car adapter. On Friday I picked up one of the Digitial Prism 7" which had both the AC and car adapters it works as well as my Digitial Labs ones and both are still sold for under $100. What I really like is both had coax inputs.

    From opinions of people I knew in AZ who bought some portable tvs they said to stay away from Axion & Haier brands since the digital pickup was horrible at best


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      Thanks Demorian,

      This is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for.