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From Cuba with love..........

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  • From Cuba with love..........

    I have noticed that many are getting ready like if what is to come will last only a couple of months of years...........well I got news for you... it will last AT LEAST for three generations.

    As we all know WTSHTF in Cuba has lasted for over 46 years, in Cuba it took from five to six years for it to other words, it gave the Cuban people time to mentally get adjusted to the situation.....but here in the US (the land of plenty) it will happen all at once and because 98% of the general population is not ready for it the situation will then become worse.

    About trading and bartering......... you really don't know, for sure, how long the depression will last so that you don't know for how long you will have to survive with what you have at hand. Those of you that want to trade bullets, firearms and wisky for something I say FORGET IT because they will drink the wisky and then return your bullets back to you by air mail with your own firearms.

    Besides my silver and gold I have around 300 bags of used clothing (in excellent shape) from the "Senior Thrift Store" here in my one mule of a Micky Mouse town....... you can buy all that you can put inside of a plastic bag for $2.00, one time I was able to put 12 pairs of "Haggard" pants in like new conditions inside of a bag that I priced at $180.00, "London Fog" long coat (with a liner) for $10.00......and much more like that.

    I mentioned the above bargains because that's what I'll be trading with.... I know this from what I saw in must remember that most of our clothing are no longer made in the US but made in foreign countries, in the futute when the dollar has ZERO value all that will become very expensive or impossible to buy.

    In Cuba to find a straight nail on the ground is like finding a five dollar bill here in the states and where having a bottle of aspirin makes you a doctor.

    One time I took $10,000 in cash to Cuba in order to fix my dad's home (he is now 97) and I was unable to do it because THERE WAS NO MATERIAL to do it, buy it now at what ever the price because later on you will not be able to buy it at whatever the price.

    Go ahead and ask is open LOL.
    "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce

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    Thanks for the post Ponce!
    3 generations???? Wow! That's quite a statement. I suppose when you are from a country that had it as bad as that I can imagine why you would think so. I believe truely that we won't last that long. Period.
    I do concur with you on the bartering tho. Clothes and medicine are going to be very important items. Both of which I have been stocking now for a while. I have kids clothes and all sizes of adult mens and womens clothes. I have them bagged and boxed at the BOL. I won't have any money, it'll be worthless anyway but I will have water! Sweet potable Water! That will bring them on! Zombies!!!! But I'll be ready for them.
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      My water I get it by gravity from a creek for free and also have a 500 and a 2,500 gallons water tanks in case the creek runs dry or there is a fire, that's why I have two sprinklers on the roof plus a 850 gallons per hour pump and a 100'X1.5" water hose.

      About "three generations"...........we were able to recover from the 1929 depression because 65% of Americans were farmers, because 87% of what we produced was for export and because WWII gave everyone a job......but now only 1% (maybe) of Americans are farmers, nothing can we export that can't be done overseas and the implement of wars are either made overseas of by robot machines here in the US.

      In the old days the son just to replace the father at places like GM or metal factories but now days there are not such jobs and the factories are being sent overseas.......... the schools in the US are only teaching what the kids need to know to push a button with no lead way for free thinking... before we can become, once again, what we were at one time we must start with the kids because if the future of the US lies in the hands of our present generation we are then in deep trouble.

      The kids must learn the basics with pencil a paper and not with the aid of computers.........they must learn once again to use their heads and not let their fingers do their thinking.

      Come on amigos, let's talk..............
      "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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        Yes Ponce, I agree that the aftereffects will be felt for a very long time as well. 75 years thouhh? Myabe not quite that long but i could foresee 10 or 20 possibly.

        Yea COMMON items will be the most valueable ones for trade. Any tools, clothes, canned food(in jars and cans), seeds, shoes, rechargeble batteries(if you got a solar recharger to through in, I personally would keep for myself), even books and other reading material( both recreational and for "learnin"). The types of trade stuff is practically endless. And I agree wholeheartedly that you NEVER, NEVER trade guns or bullets. As for whiskey... follow them home wait for them to get drunk then go steal(actually it would be liberating it from the careless) what they got!!!!!!


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          In Cuba those who work for themselves are the ones who always have food at their matter what you do or sell.

          The people next to my dad's house have a 32" tv and every night they show a current movie that their people take to them when ever they come in from the states........they charge fifty cents per head, another one rent them out for two bucks and also books for twenty five cents per day.

          I for one as an machinest from 25 years ago just got myself a new metal engine lathe for "just in case", I don't have to work in order to survive but I always have a plan behind the plan behind the plan.......with my ultimate plan being a small farm in Argentina.

          About "recovering", ten years no way, twenty years only by must know, as I do, that China will be the next super power so that we must be ready for that.......I keep telling everyone "Learn Spanish and Chinese and be sure to buy water stocks".........I say that the next war will be for water and not for oil as proven when the state of Israel invaded Lebanon.

          "To be ready is not"... Ponce..........I like to say that because no matter what you do there is always something else that you can do.
          "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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            Wonderful insight Ponce. Always interesting to listen to the wisdom of folks that have came to this country from repressive places. They always seem to say that we are following the road to hell in the states now. Some people don't learn from history.


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              Well Troy I have been on vacation in the US for the past 57 years but went to Cuba many times to see my dad and I could see what was going on.

              Nothing like walking on the streets and to look down to see the skin of a cat with the head still attached to it.......saw it three times.

              The main thing to buy now, besides food, is things that are now coming from foreign countries or things one of this days will be no more....underwear, socks, shooes and boots, general clothing, toilet paper, paint, roofing material,cement, hardware, ammo, matches, loundry line with holders, soap (body and loundry), medical (aspirin and so on), cooking oil, powdered milk, peanut butter (lot of calories and will last), coffee...........and on and on.

              In the future those who travel selling things will make a good living..... but first you must find it or already have it at hand.
              "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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                Any of you watch Glen Beck? His last Thursday show gave me chills because it drew together all the pieces I've accumulated over the last year.

                I wondered what the purpose of collapsing the country was - because everything BO is doing is aimed at that. Then I discovered the Cloward-Piven strategy. The goal IS to collapse us. But what then? Guess I'm too logical, I couldn't figure out what they'd have left, but rubble, figuratively speaking, and what good would that be?

                Glenn pointed out all that coal they aren't allowing us to dig and all that oil we aren't allowed to drill - THAT is what they'll use to buy off China, who holds most of our debt.

                They'll inflate the currency to the point that the country is out of debt, taking all of us down along the way, then introduce new currency, using our resources to fund themselves. WE will have nothing EXCEPT the government. WE will be slaves to this government AND China.

                Ponce's years may be accurate unless we end up in a scenario like presented in the book The Patriots, in which case we'll still have a shooting war against both the resultant government AND China. In either case, we are in for a long haul.
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                  One of my sayings goes........"No Export = No Recovery"... Ponce

                  The US government is like bank's customer that keeps on writing checks without putting anything in his account.......those who are billionairs didn't do it by trading among themselves but by "OPM" or Other Peoples Money... at this time we export almost nothing and have even sent overseas whole factories needed to make such will be MANY REARS before we are able to recover, if ever.
                  "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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                    A lot to think about

                    I had to print this out to show some friends. Thank you for posting this! Now I know what I can do with the clothes I don't wear anymore. I was going to give them to this thrift store in town but they don't take up that much room so i'm going to keep them bagged up now.

                    You brought up a lot of great points and it's scary but I needed to know about it too.
                    Where are people's minds?


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                      good post with intresting points only question i have to ask is how did you get in and out of cuba so many time just wondering
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                        You got it Proffet........last January I recieved a picture of my dad in Cuba who is 97 and he was so cold that he had a towell wrapped around his head... soooooooooo........a couple of weeks ago I sent him two winter caps, a pair of winter gloves, one set of pajama for winter and one for summer, three pairs of shorts and three pair of socks..........spoke with him today and he got them yesterday and he is jumping with joy.

                        Part of my preparations are 60 pairs of socks (WalMart 10 pairs for $6.00) and 50 underwears (WalMart 8 for $5.00)......I bought all this three years ago so that the prices could be at this time more.

                        Remember that most of our clothing are coming from overseas and that as soon as there are no dollars there will be no clothing......or, if there is it will be at a very high price.

                        Makes plans today for tomorrow there could be nothing to make plans with.
                        "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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                          pm me if you would not trying to display your buisness was just curious
                          the pack that plays together stays together


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                            For me it takes therty days to get a visa to go to Cuba, if you are a born "gringo" you can go the same day with no problems...... they will even give you a piece of paper so that nothing will show in your passport.

                            Those hand held strease release squeezee balls? a balloon with stuff inside and with the end tied in a knot and cut off? .........that was my idea, came up with the idea back in 92 and I gave myself 10-12 years to make X ammount of money...well, I made it in only six and retired........and just in time bacause by that time they started to come in from China and Taiwan.........
                            "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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                              Mental preperation

                              I largely study 18th century American frontier. I used to be into survival and preperation, but my interest in history has caused me to vere course. Preperation is fine, storing/hoarding is fine, but who can hoard seventyfive years of food/clothing/etc? Skills and knowledge are are valuable as any gun/knife/tool, and probably more so. I've been teaching myself, and when possible being instructed, on all manner of primitive skills: leatherworking, tanning, woodworking(both finish, from the log, and everything in between), food gathering/raising/storing, metal working/blacksmithing, gunsmithing, archery(making bows and arrows), sewing, lead casting and handloading, cooking with a variety of methods, and my wife(who crochets) is beginning to take steps towards spinning. I've been in agriculture most of my life but hopefully we aren't headed into the spinning and sheep raising too late.:o There is LOTS of literature in books and online that should be gathered for the coming storm.

                              While I agree we will be feeling this for a long time, I would advise gathering knowledge. Practice as much of it as you reasonably can, and reread and reread and discuss with others so that this knowledge and these skills are with you at the front of your mind! This is STILL a rich land that provided our ancestors with enough material wealth to thrive. The Indians, although excellant hunters and fishers, aquired most of their meat by trapping and mass drives into pounds where they were killed en masse. Stones are still standing in rivers in arrowhead formations where the Indians could more easily catch fish. Although firearms are nice, frontiersman frequently travered hostile countryside with little or nothing to protect them. One trapper had the mainspring of his rifle break and replaced it by layering goose quills into the crook of the broken spring. The quills pushed against the tumbler. It worked so well when he got back to the fort he decided to forgo the gunsmith and used it like that the rest of his life!:cool:

                              Anyone with the skills to meet our changeing situation are going to have something to barter. People will need help with any number of things and a person with the right skills may just end up aquiring all the materials they need by bartering their abilities. :)

                              Just my long winded 2 cents...keep your pwoder dry!