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My household propane consumption

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  • My household propane consumption

    For anyone thinking about propane fuel:
    Due to winter power outages I junked my electric stove.
    I have had a 122 gallon propane tank since 1998 that fuels my 1998 Sears 4 burner stove/oven. My stove cost about $500 new. There are 2 PPl in my household. Over the last 10 years my average usage has been 30 gallons a year. I also have a microwave that handles many cooking tasks. I figgure that with-out the microwave my propane consumption would double. Newer Propane ovens perform better and have a more even heat distribution than the ones from say, 20 years ago. The top burners still tend to have hot spots especialy when simmering. A simple sheet metal heat diffuser, available at most supermarkets, or thick metal cookware solves this problem. IMHO propane stoves used outdoors consume much more fuel to prepare the same meal than an indoor stove!
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    We have toyed around with the idea now for about 2 years of buying a large propane tank like you are talking about. Hubby made a 2 burner gas outdoor stove from an old stove he found when he was working at the gas company. It really works great but the tank we are using now is the same size tank we use for the gas grill. I think maybe now is the time to get really serious about getting a very large propane tank and get this set up for emergency use. We do have other ways of cooking, but for canning and such this would really be a life saver.