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Fanstastic Get Together!

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  • Fanstastic Get Together!

    This forum had a good showing for the Get Together!
    here is a write up of the events:
    23 August 2009
    Exceptionally Fantastic !
    The Get Together went off without a hitch and the turnout was decent, despite the rain. I can not tell you all how much it means to get together with like minded people!
    We had a food prep talk...about the different methods, amounts and benefits of, and in the late afternoon, we tried some home dehydrated potatoes. All noted that if the cook hadn't been in a hurry to rehydrate them, they would have been excellent, but as it was, no one could tell any difference in taste from regular potatoes (the hurried cook was me, so it's fair that I can say this. lol)
    We had an organizational talk from a lady who is not a computer person. She shared her methods of gathering and organizing information. We all realized that even though notebooks take up space, they are certainly worth having for when electricity goes out, but also for when you just want to grab the info and take it with you to a location (such as when looking at building plans etc). Thank you for sharing, Sharon!
    We had a lady who shared rabbit husbandry with us. She explained how much fun they were, but also how extreemly easy to raise and butcher! Several of us are now debating where we might put rabbit hutches in the future. She made a wonderful rabbit stew and beer bread with us for the potluck! Thank you very much, Mr. & Mrs. Skeezit!
    Next up was a talk and demo on communication options that we could rely on in emergencies. Though I still don't understand "hertzes" and vhf vs uhf, I do know that most of us will be investing in at least one method of communication and we will be setting up an action plan for talking with each other and alerting each other in an emergency. Thank you so much Tom Icom!
    We then had an indepth talk and discussion about EMP. We learned what it is, what it will do, how we can work around it. The demo included each of us getting a CD on the subject that explained it all on hard copy...we learned how best to work around that issues, what we might do when it happens. The best part is that many of the stratagies worked if the electric grid just goes down without an EMP. Thank you Ed Gee!
    We broke for a wonderful potluck supper of rabbit stew, breads, cold pickles, watermelon, cakes, a bean casserole and beer bread. Everyone contributed and the talk never once stopped!
    After our supper break, we had a fantastic demo on Mead making (with samples! YUM) and how we might plan now to learn and have methods of home brewing after the SHTF. Definetely a prime barter item! Thank you so much Frank an Jan!
    We also had a brief shooting session and talk about what people felt were the best bet for an all around good gun.

    It was a very long day, but it was so much fun, so informative and so friendly that it was definetely worth it! Several people camped over and one returning prepper brought me two roosters, so we had gentle crowing in the background and learned, impromtu, about raising chickens and making them comfortable. I'm posting this at 6:30 a.m., and my head is buzzing with all I learned and plans for the September Get Together. We hope to have a gentleman talk about how emergency managment plans to work through an EMP type event, a finacial discussion, a knife demo, and getting ready for the winter, and we hope to be able to learn more about wood gasifiers in September. I know there will be more demos and talk and that makes me feel real good about our futre.
    Thank you everyone who made it out, took their time to share with us and make this a very succesful get together!

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    Great report, HP!

    I'm SOOOO jealous that you have this many like-minded people close by!

    I wanna come play next time.
    "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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      Oh HP, I am SO proud of you and am glad you have this opportunity to meet with like-minded people. Perhaps you can host a Skype or Yahoo chat with us when you have an opportunity?

      I was given a tip by a friend regarding covering my print out pages for my notebooks with clear contact paper to protect them.

      Congrats on the roosters! :) Are these your first?

      The people you are gathering with are the ones you met from the American Prepper Network?

      Thanks for the report and I look forward to hearing more about these events!


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        The get-together was great! Thanks for hosting it, Herbalpagan.

        Here are the URLs referenced during my talk for anyone who is interested.

        Ham Radio Information
        The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.

        Info on getting your license, practice tests, et. al.

        New Ham Equipment Dealers Mentioned
        Ham Radio Outlet - http:/
        Lentini Communications -

        Scanner Frequency Information
        The world's largest radio communications data management and media provider.

        Most of the attendees will be particularly interested in:

        The "current" model numbers of the two Radio Shack scanners demonstrated are PRO-106 (Digital Trunktracker) and PRO-137 (Signal Stalker).

        Local MURS Radio Source (recommended)

        Survival Communications Yahoo Group
        Latest news coverage, email, free stock quotes, live scores and video are just the beginning. Discover more every day at Yahoo!

        County Comm
        CountyComm designs, manufactures and sells select products to federal, state and local government agencies. Specializing in EDC ( Every Day Carry )

        The bail-out bag is at:

        Ontario Knives


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          Hi Everyone,
          Thanks E & E for such a great weekend. And thanks to all for all the wonderful conversation and tips. I am so glad we decided to go. Can't wait till the next one. We enjoyed every minute. And Skeezit says (and I agree) your potatoes were just right!!!!! I think we may just sample the cranberries tonight too!!!! Stay well everyone, see you next time.

          Mr & Mrs Skeezit


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            LostinOz, I'd be happy to visit your chat, just let me know the details.
            The roosters ARE my first. I've raised broilers before, but never had the :pleasure" of being woken by my own rooster. Next weekend, their new "gals" will be joining them.

            Tom- thanks for the links. Ed's looking forward to seeing you again next month!
            Mr & Mrs Skeezit - it was the absolute best weekend!


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              HP it sounds like the gathering was a huge success and, like Wife, I'm so jealous of all those who could be there! Can't seem to find many like-minded folks in my area in Michigan. (Figuring they've GOT to be there somewhere!) Thanks for the great review. Perhaps we might get to one of them in the future! Michigan isn't that far... : )


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                Thanks for all the great links Thomas! I'm checking them out!


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                  Lady - these are mostly folks who are NOT in my area! I started by going to all the forums that I am on and put out the invitation to ALL New Englander's. I know there are folks on forums from your state as well as near-by states. It just takes setting a date, finding a place (I ended up using my home) and then advertising to the forums about what you plan to have as "talks" and demos. Ask people to come and talk to the people...other preppers/survivalists. It will happen!


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                    herbalpagan, thanks for the post. Sounds like everyone had a great time. If I had the $ I would love to go to one of your get togethers, but Missouri is quite far from New England. Wouldn't mind starting a get together in the Midwest somwhere. Anyway, Great post.
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