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Write up on Mass/New England Get Together

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  • Write up on Mass/New England Get Together

    I'd like to thank the people who came out to the get together and helped to make it a wonderful get together!
    We had lots and lots of talk about all the tings that are important that pertain to the reasons why we short, "it's the economy stupid!" and "we're from the government and we're here to help!". It was so good being able to talk to like minded people who are actively working towards being prepared for anything. Just being able to talk to others face to face helped many of us form our thoughts better! We got tips and passed tops on the best places to buy things, the cheapest prices, the best service. We learned about places in our own state that I had no idea existed where you can get some great stuff that will help in an emergency.

    Aside from the talk and sharing, we also had mini "demo's" I'd guess you might call them. Demos, maybe "topic talks" is another way of putting it. We had a person bring his hand tools and show us what they were for, how, if there was no electricity, you could still not only build something big, you could do fine woodworking as well. This led to an idea for a full weekend of a building project using just hand tools and no power for next summmer. It was suggested by one person that an outhouse would be simple to build, quick and easy, but still provide the "hands on" training of building something power-free. A better idea has since come up of building a small smoke house with a follow up on home butchering and smoking of meat. (Thank you Natog)
    We had a great guy bring his HAM radio out and set up his system using solar power. Not only was it great to see, and fun to hear people from all over the world talking, it was also good to hear how important these items could be in a long term emergency. Along with seeing and talking about the HAM system, we also got to see a bit of solar power in action and hear tips about purchasing it and where. This gentleman also shared many of his "handy-dandy" gadgets to help in emergencies. Sometimes, searching on line or in sporting goods stores you see this and say "that's cool" (or worse,like me) "what's that for. Well, that's another thing about having a get together, people get to bring their neat stuff and share it. You never know what you will learn!
    The same fellow that shared the HAM radio, also shared his knowledge of first aid with us. I was glad to see an example of a portable, home created first aid kit. One of his great tips was to vacuum seal the contents individually. This keeps the individual contents fairly sterile and free from damage during transport. He had a great deal of knowledge about trauma and first aid that he is willing to expand on and share with us (Thank you Hamster).
    One member shared with us some of her valuable library with topics on living a prepared life. Knowledge is power! (Thanks Lady Bug(ging)
    A man and his wife shared their knowledge of caring and housing small animals. This led to an open discussion on which animals were best for a long term emergency, how to feed and care for them when there might not be a feed store or vet. (Thanks Sharon and Dan)
    We also had an open discussion on Home Defense. With people living in a wide variety of locations, there were many different scenarios to discuss!! Again, to stress how much benefit came from face to face get togethers like this, we were able to share information quickly and with places to get materials from and prices and experience on important details to help your home defense.
    We also had time for some weapon practice with a wide variety of weapons, skeet and various targets.

    Mostly, it was a wonderful get together. Everyone was friendly, polite and helpful. I think the location (my home) helped every one feel comfortable and relaxed, but I may be a bit biased with that, lol!
    To those who tried and couldn't make it out due to illness, previous commitments or work, we missed you! We will have another get together in August, probably on either the 15th or the 22nd. More details on that will be following. If you live in the area, consider joining us for the next one!

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    Mass New England get together

    Sounds like you folks had a great time. Sorry we missed it. Hopefully we will see you all in August.


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      that's awesome!!! :) thanks for sharing!

      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)