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The use of arial and satellite images.

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  • The use of arial and satellite images.

    I have used google earth images of my property and surrounding area zoomed in and out at different levels and printed them to give me arial recon of my AO. I have found strong points and weak spots and identified E&E routes and rendezous points. And today I while I was at town hall I asked if they had any arial photos of town and they said yes and showed me where I could look at them. These photos were shot at a much lower level and were much sharper and more detailed then the google earth photos. So I bought some copies of these. I have added these images to my library of USGS TOPO maps and other local and regenional cartography including marine charts and Delorme Topo software. I do know that since I have started using all of this info and images for hunting I have taken a lot more game. So do others use this type of intel or am I over the top.:eek:

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    We used those kinds of images when we were searching for this hunting, it gave us a good look at the surounding area, houses and usable ponds etc.. Nice to know that it can help with your hunting. I'm going to ask about ariel photos at my town clerk's. Thanks for the tip.


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      I have used google earth for the BOL to do exactly what you did. Finding weak spots and shoring them up. Love it
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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        [So do others use this type of intel or am I over the top.:eek:]

        For city dwellers and those on the outskirts, maps of railways can be very helpful....also ....:( sewer / water run off these are separate the suburbs its strictly conduit / piping in the cities I'm told things open up a truly hard times....
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          I like maps photos on better. They are more recent. Type in your area in the search and then click on bird's eye view. You can change the direction of the photo in some areas.