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Some of the places I go for "prepairedness materials"

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  • Some of the places I go for "prepairedness materials"

    Hey just thought I'd share some of the places I keep an eye on for things I might need or get cheap or free to sell or use as trade material for a good deal.
    Craigslist, I know it has had a bad rap in the media lately, but I keep checking the different forums on it for things. Especially the barter and free site. Many good things found here and traded for.
    Fleacycle,Freecycle for my state on the internet also many good finds.
    Antique stores, Flea Markets, Second hand stores. Sell on Ebay or from one store to another.
    I look out for old things that only require good old human power to use. If it worked then it will work now.
    Catalogs I reguarly buy from. Leahmans, Cumberland General Store many great products of yesteryear. And just some of the cool stuff to use.
    I really like it when someone looks at something I have in the house or shop and asks "what the heck is that?" I get to be the bit it, and tell them all about it and show them how to use it.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I went to the Cumberland site and saw a lot of things my Grandparents used on the farm. It was a nice walk down memory lane for me.
    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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      otherplaces to look

      check out the ' maine military store' they have some interesting gear from other countries, also check ' outdoor bunker' . Ive had some good luck at yard sales in the older neighborhoods.
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        Thanks for the site tips!


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          I recently found a store in my small town that is meant for catering people. They have excellent cuts of all kinds of meat, some prepared meals, some marinated specialty meats and quite a few other things. All are well below supermarket sale prices. Most are in large sized packs. Maybe some of you have something similar in your area. They are listed under "specialty foods".