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  • Flash flood

    I wounder if the people that owned the tent survived?
    From central Utah and south I never camp in lower areas, that goes for Nevada and Arizona to. Sandstone and sandy soil has no place for water to go but down hill and it dont take alot of rain to cause a flash flood
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    Nice clip... I for one have no understanding why people elect to ever build anything in and on an area that has any kind of record of flooding. Along rivers, creeks, flood plains....get the title there...flood plains? To me if they do such a short sighted and reckless act then they are on their own when it floods. We never send money or help for flood victims that were flooded in an area that had been flooded before. History repeats itself....

    A word to the sufficient. Unfortunately there are less wise folks being raised everyday....and building where disasters have struck before. Darwin rocks on that one...survival of the fittest.


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      No doubt Rancher
      They have build homes in locations that flooded in 1983 or 4, they build homes on sand, and mud slide areas that has already claimed homes.
      One of the first things I do is look for hazardous areas when house hunting and camping.
      I have warned greenhorns not to set up camp in areas that may be a flash flood hazard but hey know it all, and only got to see there gear float away once while sitting under the awning drinking beer with a big grin on my face:D
      Another one is when it starts raining and the clay road is greasy people panic and try to get out, and sure enough they come and ask me if I would pull them out? I'll say no problem, I'll just wait for about an hour after it stops raining and the roads will be dry and pull you right out:rolleyes:
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