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Update on found stashes!!!

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  • Update on found stashes!!!

    Due to a accident( till I get healed up) I can't do much but look and point so to speak. So we came up with a plan to not make as much work out of this or to lose a little as possible.
    We got together and figured as long as the stashes were basically in a straight line, we'd get about the middle of them and start digging them up. Basically stopping the whole lot of them from being found. This was great recovery experience for the future and some kinks we didn't think about got worked out. With that done we recovered them and started working our way back to the origional found site. Lots of work and tme. First thing we found out-Don't rely on your GPS to find these. Luckily we had worked out a backup with marked rocks. Second thing we found-Don't just mark them, inscribe in the face of them, and be ready to look for the rocks to be turned or at angles from origional positioning. Third thing we found-if they can't be found with a metal detector, be ready to dig,dig,dig. Fourth thing we found out, and this is a very biggie and they were lucky. DON'T go driving around with the recovered containers uncovered in the back of the pickup where everyone including Johnny Law can see it. Luckily they had a reasonable officer stop them due to a citizen alert to the police. It did look like the "things" discribed to the dispatcher by the concerned citizen could be used for bad. But after telling the officer the truth about them and opening every one of the containers so he could see, they were allowed to go on.
    We lost only four of the stashes and not anything really expensive that can't be replaced. But now we have two more people in on the deal, not planned for. But they are more than willing to extend this endevore with their own supplies and ideas. But what started out with three men is now at least five and their familes. We still have no clue as to who found the first one.
    This was one heck of a learning experience for me. Hope it may help out other people here.

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    Shadow, I am very sorry this happened to you guys, but thanks for sharing your tips. I am also glad to hear that ya'll were able to retrieve the majority of your stash!


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      Wow! I remember reading your post earlier about this. I'm so glad you found your stuff. This must be really disturbing for you. Especially I think that now you have 2 more people and their fams in on it. I'm sure you're thinking twice now. Good Luck with this.
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
      {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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        Yah, that sucks allright. My personal ones are still o.k.
        Just the groups got bigger, ha,ha.