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  • Stuff that is gone or going.

    I went out this morning to do regular shopping and to check for ammo at wally world. Saw some strange changes, like pallets and pallets of bottle water right up front were the shopping carts are normally stored, the isles by the pharmacy had moved to block in the pharmacy so that you only have one way into it. All of the cold and flu meds were on the inside of the boxed in area and the shelves they used are the tall ones so you can not even see the pharmacy. They had no hand sanitizer or N95 medical masks left. The hand sanitizer is always on big pallets in the center isles. So for giggles I called the other Wally world by me and they have no hand sanitizer or N95 masks. I went about my day and went to a dollar store to get bungie cords and as I pulled up the girl working there was hanging sign NO Hand Sanitizer or Bleach wipes. This shows me the sheepople are on the move. Just an up date I checked with 3 places on line that I buy safety equipment from and the are all sold out of N95 & N99 mask bulk packs. They olny had the high end masks left.
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    Thanks for the update Omegaman. I don't get to town but about once every couple of weeks, so I don't have anything new to report in my area.


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      Thanks Omegaman. It feels great not to have to run anywhere to get these things that I already have at home. I have been ordering fire dept. supplies and the vendors are rapidly selling out too.


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        most stores still have alcohol you can use it as a hand sanatiser and if it runs out you can mix clorox one cup per gallon and use it although it will leave a smell and than there is still plain old soap and watter


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          I was at WalMart today and they had no alcohol.


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            My mother called today to tell me that BJ's club was a mad house this morning, you know people stocking up on bread, water and frozen food. :confused: She said the were also out of hand sanitizer, bleach, bleach wipes and rubbing alcohol. Good old soap and water works fine but I need some thing to clean my hands at work so I use the hand santizer for that. I was a head of the curve on that and loaded up on Sunday.