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  • What have you missed?

    Yesterday was sunny and dry here in Maine, so it was time to clear all of the downed trees from the big ice storm this winter. Chainsaws check, chaps and saftey gear check and fuel check I am good to go. after 4 hours of clearing trees I run out of bar oil, I thought I had spares gallons in the barn but they were empty.:eek: Upon looking around for the bar oil I learned I was out of spare chains, spark plugs and air cleaners for my chainsaws:mad: Today I will fix my shortages but I thought I had it all together:rolleyes:. I will also take time to do a better inventory of my supplies because all it takes is that one thing that you thought you had but don't to put you in to a bad situation.

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    I hate it when you're feeling all cosy and some what smug about your preps and something like that happens! ;)