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How do you prepare for a Pandemic?

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    OK- here is what I heard and have researched.
    1) this is a man made flu apparently, since swine, avian and human flus don't combine like this and the genes in the flu have been straced to a lab.
    2) though any flu is serioous, it seems that this one does respond to two of the 4 anti viral meds out there. Tamiflu is not useful for it apparently.
    3) The CDC has a comprehensive update and info page on this flu. And, yes they say it's useless to close the borders now.
    4)DON'T PANIC. In my opinion, this is the start of a campaign of government fear mongering...they want us to panic, take their shots, stay in and not gather, think of something else besides protesting the government.
    5)Alex Jones had a show last night on this subject, and will have another with more and updated info today and Monday. (
    6)usual precautions like covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing, hand sanitizer, stay out of crowds etc. Keep yourself healthy. A mask is not a bad idea, especially if you have a condition that makes a respritory illness a danger to you (asthma, COPD etc)

    From what I am reading, this is not a natural flu, but it also doesn't seem to be any more dangerous that a normal flu. Flu's are nasty things, but panic won't help.


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      Bleach disinfectant and other info.
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        I refuse to get the kids flu shots (nor do I take them) and I even argued with the doctor when I refused the Gardisil shot for my daughter...

        I LOVE my Lysol, I've got a couple of cans of it in my preps (as well as vinegar and bleach), I think I'll pick up a couple of extra cans anyway (or will I be adding to the hole in the ozone layer with the aerosol?)
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          I prep the same way as for a Zombie invasion, tune-up the chain saw!
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            I work part time for the extra needed money in a very busy retail store. The store gets a lot of international and interstate visitors, so yesterday I bought 2 big things of hand sanitizer and bleach wipes for the phones and there will be no hand shaking for me. Here is the problem I see, most people can not aford to miss work so they will go into work sick. I see this all the time in the winter with people who come to work with the worst colds because they cant aford to lose pay. Lets face it most jobs make a big deal out of it when some one calls out sick .People are afraid if they call out they might lose their jobs. Don't forget the type people that go shopping or travel while they are sick because their needs are more important then every one elses welfare. Just a couple of small facts, during the last pandemic ( 1819 ) there was no air travel and no automobiles and international travel was for the very rich and yet world wide the death toll was 50 million. I know that medicine and medical care are much more advanced but the speed at which the next pandemic will travel will overwhelm word health care.


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              Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
              There is a swine flu vaccine...
              Now I've read that there isn't a swine flu vaccine (at the CDC website). I'd read at the WHO website that there WAS.:mad: Lots of conflicting info out there.

              Even if there is, the 3 weeks for a body to successfully use a vaccine remains, so unless you got a shot 3 weeks before exposure, it wouldn't protect you.
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                So I guess i should skip the Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes for a while, till this then clears up.


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                  original question

                  You asked a simple question.

                  1. wash your hands several times a day. most human diseases are passed through a person touching his eyes, his mouth or nose.

                  2. keep your physical conditioning up to snuff.

                  3. if you have to be in contact with other people then wear an appropriate mask. However, if you ignore point 1, all bets are off.

                  4. buy baby bottles. yep. when was the last time that you were sick and tried to drink through a straw or from a glass.

                  5. buy your food that does not require preparation now. items are canned fruit, jerky, crackers. when was the last time that you were sick and prepared a sitdown meal or wanted to clean up after yourself.

                  6. keep your home and gear clean. although the place will be a mess after you are sick for a week, you will feel a lot worse if you start off with a mess.


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                    stock up on your food, if you can get any immune system supplements into your system do it, and hunker down...if anyones sick isolate them, and minimalize physical contact. if it hits the fan the dig a lot of foxholes, and get some lime, youre gonna need it


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                      Thanks for mentioning it, LIME! Have a few large bags in your supplies for covering waste and any dead animals. When humans are hungry, any scents of others will draw unwelcome company. This also, helps reduce diseases from popping up.


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                        also can be used in the garden