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Camping this weekend

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  • Camping this weekend

    I'm in a private club at a natural hot springs camp ground where we go swimming all year round. The hot springs has a lot of minerals in it and is supposed to be healthy for you. Anyway on arrival Friday they had power supply problems and there wasn't going to have power this weekend, so when I get setup everyone was crying about no power (I was not prepared, I left all of my cry towels home ), I said what are you going to do during a power outage on a cold night? what are you going to do if we have an earthquake or some sort of emergency situation where you have to leave such as a hazardous spill that requires evacuation or what ever? He!! I said so far the only thing I have experienced is a cold night without no power, being I keep the propane tanks and the battery's full all the time and a solar battery charger I just go out to the trailer and read a book. Don't you people go into the mountains to get away from everything? All left with there nose stuck up in the air except one and we BS ed for a while about the power and I told him that I have food, water, and shelter and I'm happy, he said he was going to leave tomorrow. The next day I noticed that he was still there and looking at me in a competitive look and I laughed and told the wife that I think hes trying to compete with me. We loaded up and as we was leaving I grinned and said to the wife, He won but at least he stuck it out.

    My plane A is the camp trailer for an emergency but the trailer is next to the house and might not make it during an earthquake so I have a plane B that is a BOB.
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