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New food planting opportunities for us all.

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  • New food planting opportunities for us all.

    I did this in Tennessee and then moved. Hey go figure. I turned some people down there onto this and even put it on a forum. I got more idiots and wannabe lawyers commenting than I think real people got out of the read.
    I found a area I probably would live around and started planting stuff. Mostly on land that wasn't mine if you get the drift. I planted fruit bushes and trees, herbs,nut trees. Natives where I could, what I wanted to eat second. I learned plant propagation, root seperation off the internet. And the space needed to do this is hardly any. You can get up to hundreds off one or two cuttings if you do it right. And learn to spot the areas these plants will live in on their own. I saw many things live to the third summer down there and am sure they will be there for many years to come. So it any of you are planning to stay in the areas your in now this summer you just might want to start this. Kinda like having someone else grow your stuff. Just thought I would pass this along to the good folks on here.

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    Think you have a great idea there shadowalker. I'm going to give this some thought!


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      When I was out and about doing this I also found wild food areas. One ginseng patch. I set alot of things out too. Explored new country, found fishing holes. Found to caves that could be used. And got exercise.