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Stocking up.....maintaining Bank.....

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  • Stocking up.....maintaining Bank.....

    I have sort of a principle I try to maintain on certain items here...survival prepper items as well as other items around the house and home.

    Paper towels, laundry detergent, soap, tooth paste, toilet al....soap...what I tend to call ". Bank." I do not like my levels to get below what I call bank...particularly in certain items.

    Today I went to one of these big item stores...volume stores and bought another 48 pack of AA batteries as I have been going through a lot of them of late. I have three other 48 packs on hand but do not like it to get but so low in the "Bank"....particularly as we are going into Hurricane season around here.

    Another thing I picked up was a large container of laundry detergent though I have three others.....again maintaining "Bank." One large toilet tissue. and one large pack of paper towels.
    Same principle...Bank.....dont let it get below Bank.

    What I particularly went to pick up was four 40 oz, containers of Honey..These are real honey and i decided to get it in many places honey has gotten expensive for the small bear like containers.

    I clean out my olde plastic squeeze honey bears (2) and refill.

    Also bought two tubes of anti biotic ointment to go in my new locker at the job that I am a "DayWalker." That is something I like to keep home and at work...also in my daily BOB.

    Becoming a Daywalker has altered my preps a bit but I still try to maintain "Bank."

    My non Ishmaelite .02



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    We do the same things; however, they are short term and not for the very long term.

    We keep enough supplies to last for months. AJ says a BOB might last a few days. Here, we can last a lot longer; simply because we have a lot more storage space,.

    A BOB? Well, where are you going? Where you bug out? Does anyone believe those who are there will welcome you?

    More importantly, what is there so you can continue to survive, long term.


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      Most of my daily BOB is more of a GHB or get home bag. Included in it are certain tools germane to my work.. Correct on a BOB might last a few days....correct.

      But if need be I have two locations wherein I can bug out a good distance from this location....wherein are other preppers...if.....if I can get there against all the others who may be bugging out. No it is not to some wooded areas...per se..

      One of them me is also a Ham...

      Not an Ishmaelite.
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        I'm the same with my vehicles, I carry enough to get back here. One difference between my GHB and most others is I carry a chainsaw to remove down trees, bolt cutters to cut wire with electrical insulated gloves and a tow chain to pull large limbs out of the way, As when power lines are down, the power is shut down.

        After watching the stop and go very slowly exodus traffic from where a hurricane will make landfall; beating feet may not be as easy as it sounds.
        Once I lived in a remote area of the mountains. Although, it sounds great, as there was a high importance military base about 10 airmiles away. If it came to a nuclear exchange; my family and I would have been toast.


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          Stripping most of my kit out to reevaluate, what I've got in it. As I've got a road trip to the US for a few days, with a fellow vet. Going to lighten the load, I'll be stripping out approx 150 lbs. I will keep a minimal BOB/GTFO bag, nomatter what


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            Good point Tugaloo...about carrying a chainsaw..

            Now that you mention ham radio friend out in Tennessee...also carries a chainsaw in the back of his vehicle..and for the same reason. He is a ways out of the small town near him ...being able to cope independently is a necessity...not an option.

            It is also smart....

            He has even installed a battery operated winch on his vehicle.....

            He is out away from the small town about 5 miles up the mountain....I can see his place from Google Maps...

            I want to get back out there and visit him again soon....

            He is retired from this shipyard as an electrician....and also an olde mountain boy......hence Tennessee mountains were a natural for him.

            Not an Ishmaelite.
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              After watching the mass exodus from the coast filmed by helicopters rented by various TV news reporters even back roads had heavy traffic. What was rather stupid; although they were filming almost constantly on TV, they kept showing the same footage.
              Here, it will be a GBH where we have food, shelter, clothes ammo and a lot more.
              After hearing about your reloading setup; if you return you may find someone moved in.
              A chainsaw in the vehicle is quite common with people who live where I do. I noticed a chainsaw in the back of a pickup truck. I commented I see you carry a chainsaw too. He answered only when I come to work here.
              Often after it rained a lot; if there are strong gusts of wind; trees come down and block the road.

              When I worked in Detroit, I learned there are people working there from many States. Same as your friend, they worked there until they retired sold their house, had a huge yard sale and went back home.

              I'm not for or against bugging out except to say it's not for me.


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                TUG 4 cameras + outside, 4 more internal, neighbors who look after each other. 2 with diggers I'm hoping i'm good. all lower windows have been blanked off with 16 gauge steel plates! Thinking ahead!

                If you're in a place you'd bug out too, you've got a bug in location
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                  I have 7 cameras outside, a couple inside; plus a 90# long legged male Blue Pitt and a 65# female German Shepherd - Collie mix.

                  If I could post pictures, I'd share pictures of black bears, bobcats, cougars, and a couple of coyotes. No feral hogs here, but the guy up the road has plenty on cam Timber and Eastern Diamond back rattlesnakes and copperheads. There are seriously nasty biting, sucking blood bugs here. Some people want to bug out here? They are flat freaking nuts.

                  I don't have as many neighbors as you. Matt up the road is a good asset. Kenny and Debbie are irregular weekenders.

                  IMO, you have too much to walk away from.

                  We didn't come here to find a bug out location. Our reason was the peace and solitude only nature offers.