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.22lr RIFLE is not a joke. especially if silenced, used at night,

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  • .22lr RIFLE is not a joke. especially if silenced, used at night,

    with subsonic ammo. It will brain a man at 100m with a night scope and expert handling. It will inflict lethal wounds on the torso to 150m and can cause death from infection with hits to the abdomen or between the ribs at 200m, too. Once shtf and there's no med care, a .22lr bullet in you will prove fatal, nearly always. The outside-lubricated bullet drags skin, bacteria and clothing debris into the wound channel. You'll be ruined with infection/fever within a day or two, and then something else will finish you off. For shtf, you're WAY ahead to have a silenced .22lr auto over a bolt action with a can, or ANY loud gun, if you also have sense enough to stay underground during daylight hours. Everyone has eyes, while very few have night vision and the number who have working batteries, post shtf, will drop swiftly. No nvd lets you scan as swiftly and effectively as can be done with binocs or naked eyes in daylight. Movement, glint, shape, color mean much less at night, when it comes to being noticed. You can't be getting into fights, or the odds will soon get you. the US is not full of ignorant rice farmers and goatherds. Millions here have scoped rifles and know how to shoot very well. The typical third worlder has no idea how to allow for movement, wind, mirage, etc. They dont have safety glasses or ear protection, either. So they are pretty much ineffective beyond 100m. and plenty of them shut their eyes and spray full auto, that's all they know. This renders them ineffective at 50m, or 10m if you have cover. You will not have that luxury vs people in the US if shtf.