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Entering Hurricane Season 2021 - What's New

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  • Entering Hurricane Season 2021 - What's New

    Hello, First I hope every one is doing OK. This pandemic has gone further south then I thought it would. Wave number 3 has started in Europe . It is the worst yet.

    so we know what it's like to be left in your own no help except friends and family. Unable to even get to the store where they are out of most things. Well this time I'm ready to last a minimum of 3 weeks without power I have my own gen and now solar power. So I get to keep my refer and freezer working.

    Set for food, water, medical supplies, and building materials. I removed two close trees so no danger to the house. I replaced my chain saw with 2 new ones. One has a 20" bar the other a 12" bar for lite cutting. So I'm ready are you? ???

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    Up here in the Northwoods, it is tornados for us. I started switching over to all-electric devices which can recharge from solar that way I am not dependent on gasoline. So far, I have a chainsaw, self-propelled lawnmower, weed wacker, leaf blower, impact drill, and regular drill all rechargeable from 300 Watts of solar or either vehicle.
    If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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      Well the update for 2021:

      17 named hurricanes

      4 major hurricanes to hit east coast.

      1 June is the start of hurricane season, who knows what is going to happen. Last year it was major flooding in the golf coast. so we wait again.

      Going to start reviewing plans well ahead of time. That is due to my current health problems: congested heart failure. I get to plan and my son,, son-in-laws and grandkids will do the work.