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Preparation for Hurricane Season Florida 2019

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  • Preparation for Hurricane Season Florida 2019

    OK what have I done different this year compared to other 21 seasons?

    Purchased a duel fuel generator Champion 10,000 Surge and 8,500 running. It has a 7+ gallon tank for gas an you can hook up propane tanks, A new shotgun, and a new pistol. More on them later.

    One problem after a hurricane is the loss of power that includes gas pumps! I saw as many people in line for gas into gas cans as looking for water. What can you do if you are limited to 10 gallons per day? You could end up using more then 10 gallons every 16 hours!!!!

    So I purchased 2 15 gallon fuel tanks on wheels. You see them around marinas (For boats) and for construction sites. So when a hurricane is in coming I plan to fill all vehicles, my 2 fuel tanks and the 6 propane tanks I currently have. That allows me over 2 weeks of fuel!!!!!

    Food for thought. I will continue other hurricane discussion about items as I get them. This includes new hurricane shutters.

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    This month I will replace all my siding with new Hardy board certified to withstand 115 mph winds. Also looking at the new hurricane shutters that are lighter and will not cut your hands while putting them up or because I'm getting to old; so I might get the roll down shutters instead. They even have replacement windows that are proof against hurricane debris. I saw a show about a new fabric shutter. So I will research to work, cost, placement time/effort, resale value, warranted time, etc.


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      Went to Sams club today and got a very large igloo 7 day cooler for under $70.00 110 quart capacity. Again for hurricane preps.